"This is HorrorPunk 2" CD review  

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12/14/2005 9:58 pm

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"This is HorrorPunk 2" CD review

I picked up this bad boy at Record and tape traders a few months ago. It's another one that's fun to listen to (it's a comp cd, but it has 28 tracks!). Featuring bands like Penis Flytrap, and Die monster Die, the booklet is pretty up to snuff with pics and homepages for almost all the bands listed.
Tracks- The strongest tracks are these:

4. Bloodjunkies "All Hallows Eve"
a song about halloween. very limited lyrics, but it's so damned catchy. Why don't more songs have sing along parts where you can go "whooooah whooah whoaaaa"

5. Die Monster Die- "1000 corpses"
Not a technically superior song, but hilaroius pace and lyrics. example: "1000 corpses walk the earth, a silent army of the dead, 1k corpses wont be long, they'll be knocking down youre door, they want to eat your brains"

6. Nim Vind- "Killing Saturday Night"
Wow, imagine hokey classic rock with a horror theme. Apparently he's canadian based. I will be picking up his CD soon funds permitting.

8. Frankenstein- "Lovecraft"
Obligatory loud band with sweet heavy guitar backing. Reminds me of a cheaper Demented Are Go, but the lyrics aren't as good as DAG.

15. Resurex- "Dia de los Muertos"
Spanish for "Day of the dead" This song simply rocks yours, mine and everyone's socks straight off. Simple lyrics, not alot of vocal variation (none at all to speak of really) but what a great sound. Very fast and balanced.

17. The Forbidden Dimension- "Haunted"
Incredible intro riff followed by what may be the equivalent of DIVO in the psychobilly scene. Real dorky and low tech sounding, but then that riff pops in again. Not unbelievable, but I may pick up a CD. Maybe.

21. Gutter Demons- "Playground Horror Peepshow"
Remember how I said obligatory sweet guitar backing? This one is better than "Lovecraft." Sounds heavier too.

22. American Werewolves- "Destroy all monsters"
this is hands down my favorite song on the album. It's soo fun to crank it and sing along.
No real point I guess, but I'll probably check out their other stuff because of it.

24. The Death Riders- "Suffer"
Turn it up LOUD and enjoy. This song is thick and unsophisticated. Great beat, decent solo- very surfish, but also very slow.

28. Hellbats- "The Lonely Hero"
So-so song until it gets to a very 80's progressive background solo. It's funny enough to like just for that. Really upsets the rythm. Ends the CD Poorly too.

And that's it. The other bands just don't stand out that much. I'll head to amazon.com and listen to samples of the other tracks these bands have. Whee!

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