Reporting on Halloween in Sin City...a little late  

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11/22/2005 7:33 pm

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Reporting on Halloween in Sin City...a little late

Ok, so i'm a little late to be reporting on Halloween, but i have to admit i didn't realize that us lowly standard members were able to have blogs on AdultFriendFinder ( seems every time i come on here standard members have had one more thing revoked *grin*).

Halloween weekend was spent with my significant other in Vegas...mmmm...gotta love Sin City *huge smile*. W/we went to a Fantasy ball Saturday night where costumes ranged from very creative to not so much, from body covering to not so much. i found this fantastic skimpy black latex-like dress that covered enough to be legal (strapless, mini)...but hugged so well i couldn't wear a thing underneath. Coupled that with a great pair of shoes, and a red leather collar and i went as...what else? A sex slave *sexy grin*. The ball was amazing with sooooo much to watch (mmmmm....everything from female porn stars getting it on for cameras to naughty school girls being bent over knees)...i think by the end of the night i slid out of there *sly smile*.

But the real fun was afterwards *huge smile*. my bi-curious confession is that i had never even felt *gasp* another woman. W/we went to an amazing strip club, and my Man got me the best present ever! A hot, petite blond to dance on my lap *drooling*. WOW! The best thing about being a woman in a strip club is that you get away with more. Had a guy touched her like i did...probably would have been thrown out...but being a girl...well, i just got touched back *drooling more at the memory*. Fantasy is nothing compared to reality, and i was amazed. Women's bodies are so soft, sensual, and erotic. Curves hug and move so completely different on a woman than on a man. Yep, most reading this are probably staring at the screen going "duh". But for this girl, going from what is in my mind to realizing reality under my finger tips was amazing. Was tempted to ask if W/we could invite her back...but sleeping with a stripper in Vegas? Come on! That is just too cliche *grin*.

iluvjbsinaz 55M

11/23/2005 5:52 am

Ahhhh, but think of the fun you would have had with her!

AnEnigma517 59M

11/23/2005 11:50 am

better late than never! Welcome to Blogland!

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