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1/6/2006 12:12 am

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You know I was just sitting here wondering what the attraction of this whole blog thing is. I, like many, just can't wait to get back here at times. I was standing in line at the bank today and was thinking...'gee, wonder what is going on with '**' today? 'what am I going to write about in mine?'
I haven't had enough time lately to read too many blogs but the ones I have read are each amazing in their own way. Some were totally nasty...so not for me. Some were so interesting that I wish I could meet these people because they sound like they would be awesome to hang around...then of course you have the ones that are just sexy as hell.
I know that I like the anonymity but at the same time I wish that everyone could know me.
At times they are like a train wreck. You want to look away and forget about it, but something keeps drawing you in.
Not that I am complaining mind you. I mean without this what else would I do with my free time? Seems I am still searching for a life and here seems to be the closest thing to one.
I don't exactly know why I am here at times but it definitely beats watching the jerry springer show late at night.

rm_titsandtires 51M/41F
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1/7/2006 9:39 am

i totally understand. i think i could have written most of that myself. i posed a question in the blog cafe group message boards. i think it was titled something like "what brought you here in the first place" or something like that. the reason i posted it in the first place was because i felt that i might be one of the few that are here solely for the purpose of blogging. i soon found out that couldn't be further from the truth. it sounds like there are very many of us who came here in the first place looking for a hook-up of some sort, but once they started blogging, they were hooked.

i've caught myself in the middle of the day at work, thinking about something stupid or funny or creative that a co-worker has done, and trying to figure out a way to turn it into a creative or entertaining blog post. problem is, i usually forget the good stuff by the time i get back here.

btw, i love the photo. very tasteful + very hot = very very nice!


oldman1776 78M
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1/8/2006 6:53 pm

bloging does get adictive. I know that i'm always thinking what has so and so writen today. So I stop what I'm doing and log on to see what is happening.

Its hard for me to put down what I'm thinking it never sounds the same when I read it.

I only come here for the blogs now.

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