What up bbbiiitttcccheeesss? LOL  

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8/2/2006 10:12 pm

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9/9/2007 6:15 pm

What up bbbiiitttcccheeesss? LOL

Ok so it has been eons since anything is new on here. But my dilema is this. We have been sending emails and invites like wild banchees. (We have over 100 invites pending) so we figured why do the blog if no one is really going to respond. You can see wour previous blog about this too....This is a cool site, but we have an issue or 2.
#1 Is there anyone that is courteous enough to send a message back? How hard is it to set up a quick reply that says "Thanks but no thanks" or "I will get back to you...evenutally"
When we get a message it is like hitting the fricken lottery! UUUGGHHH! We thought that people are on this site cuz they want to meet or chat with like minded people?! Have we thought wrong?!
#2 We mentioned this before to...If you don't want people on your friends list then why not deny, or if you do then accept. Period end of story.
WHEW! Enough ranting and raving. On to more happier things.
If you have read our profile over the past 9 months, you know that Marty (male on the profile) has been working over in Iraq. He has been there for a whopping 33 MONTHS! He is soo ready to "cum" home! It is bad enough he is in that dust bowl, but he has no real sex to speak of. It is a sad day when a guy just can't jack off anymore? It is mind boggling to think, a guy does not want to jack off?! Ok so he still does cuz he is all dressed up and no where to go "so to speak" Catch my drift?
But Shilah (female on profile) is sooo very THRILLED to just about retire BOB (for those of you that does not know "who" BOB is it is a Battery Operated Boyfriend!) And get the real thing-BONE-US! LOL! So any whooo, all you bi-fems that would like to have a great time with him or me, or both, here is your chance. No more waiting periods! LOL Shilah just got a NEW toy, it is a strap on! It is a fantasy of hers to use it on a lady. She has just imagined what it would be like to use one. Are you courious what it like too? It is in no way mandatory that it is used, but if you are game well then she is too! Are you ready?
So we have been discussing having a couple join us, with a bi fem of course, to do some swapping. We are not tooo picky but must have face pics to aleast start off with. We have them and can get them to you as well or just check out our profile. We are down with most anything. Ok so there are some exceptions, NO PAIN, NO BDSM, NO WATER SPORTS. Can you diggit? We are cool with same room swap, full swap, just the gals put on a show for the guys, pretty much whatever. Marty is VERY str8! So no bi men unless they just want to play with gals is all that is cool. We are in an open relationship, so anything goes pretty much. Tho if you are a couple, and want to meet one of us alone, it would be better if we all met atleast once to break the ice. For drinks and some fun play as well.
If you want to get to know us more, check out our profile if you haven't already. We have most messenger sign ons so we can chat here or other places. What ever floats your boat!
We would LOVE to get to know you...As Marty's shirt says in the main pic "Try it, you'll Like it!"

rm_mikeygrl76 40F

8/28/2006 9:04 am

I like the sound of your new toy. I am really interested in helping you welcome Marty home if you want it. Or some time alone with you could be nice too. I emailed you also. Let me know. Michaelene

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