Iran Or North Korea  

collegefun06 31M
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6/18/2006 11:20 am
Iran Or North Korea

THIS JUST IN.......... North Korea is rumored to begin testing a Long Range Nuclear Missile. With their technology and man-power an all out war would be like nothing America has ever seen. Now we have two sovereign nations to contend with, Iran and North Korea. While Iran has seemed to bow under the threat of UN sanctions (no country likes losing money), North Korea is a far greater power. North Korea's since of nationalism will be a powerful force to contend. We as Americans love our country for the freedom it provides and the liberties that our government protects. North Korans and to an extent Iranians have a since of closed-circuit nationalism. Nationalism based upon individuals not knowing anything outside of what their governments want them to know. If their governments deem the U.S as a threat and put negative notations into the head of its citizens. Those citizens will not think other wise. With no outside influence to render any since of logic or objective opinion, the words of government are literally law. This puts us at a disadvantage, because they fight for through their hearts and for their beliefs, while we fight because our government dictates every person must register for the military by the age of 18. After its all said and done, the question is " What will Dick & George Do?" Well, i honestly don't feel like finishing this, i'm about to go and eat, so until next time.

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