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Towards the end of my sleep, I had a dream about you and I. I am not sure where we were, it wasn’t a familiar place. I was kneeling before you, both of us naked. You pulled your hand from behind your back and handed me a flat skinny long box with a ribbon tied around it. You asked me to take the box and open it. I pulled the ribbon and removed the lid. As I opened the box, my hands were shaking. I brushed the tissue paper aside and there laid a silky black blindfold. You removed it from the box. You placed your hand under my chin and tilted my head upwards so you could look into my eyes. “This pet, is the time for you to submit your entire self to me and only me.” You folded the blindfold and asked me, “Are you ready to begin?” I remember I could barely breathe and I was so nervous. “Yes master.” I replied. You walked behind me, placed the blindfold over my eyes and tied it. I felt you brush your face against my ear. I could feel you breathing. I felt my pussy quiver, dripping wet, the way you like it. You whispered into my ear, “No limits slut, you are my fucking whore and that is my pussy to do with as I please. There’s no turning back. You are my fucking slut now.”

You commanded me to stand. You guided me to the bed, laid me down and told me to spread my legs. You lightly brushed your hand against my muff. I felt you spread my pussy lips and said, “Mmmmmm, my pussy.” Then in a second, you slid your fingers deep inside me. I felt my juices rush over the edge of my cunt. You continued to fuck my pussy violently. I had all I could do to breathe. You stopped, told me to open my mouth and said, “Lick my fingers clean whore.” I did just that. You stepped away from me. The bed beneath me was moist. I lay there, with my legs and pussy wide open, anticipating your return.

Upon your return, you brush your hand against my cheek. You place my arms above my head. I hear you move towards my pussy. Suddenly, you place something very large against my lips, pushing just a little. Whatever it was, it was cold and hard, no give to it whatsoever. You proceed to push it deeper into my pussy, only to pull it back slowly. My back was now arched and I wanted to start fucking this object. “No fucking slut, I’m playing with my pussy. You take everything I give you.” You started pumping, hard and fast. I scream from the pleasure and the pain. You could see that I was close to cumming. “Cum for me slut, come now.” I felt my cunt walls contract and the wetness exploded. I was cumming for you.

You sat me up and commanded me to stand. You bent me over the bed. My legs were shaking. I could feel your hard cock against my ass. Grabbing my hair, you pulled my head back toward you. “You will now feel what it is to be my slut. Point your ass high in the air.” You slapped my ass, not once, but many times. Each time I cried out. “Spread them ass cheeks, Oh yeah slut, this ass is mine” You rammed your hard cock into my ass with one stroke. “Tell me you want me to fuck your ass” I said it, but not loud enough. You pushed deeper and harder, “Tell me you want me to fuck your ass now!!” When I had repeated your words to your satisfaction, you started banging me, hard. You were moaning, slapping my ass, pulling my hair. “When I cum, I’m cumming in your ass and you will lick my cock clean” I felt your cock throbbing and there it was, you came in my ass. As you pulled out, you grabbed my hair, pushed me down on my knees in front of you. I opened my mouth and you put your cock inside.

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