So you want to be a womanizer...  

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5/12/2005 5:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

So you want to be a womanizer...

This is an art and a skill...Women hate and men applaud...

1. Is this nature or nurture? I have little skill at this... the irony is I want to be able to seduce women without spending a lot on drinks and minimize the time it takes to get them naked and hot and bothered. I get biz cards from women and even drinks sent from across the bar which means I am getting better; but for me it is a learning curve. My friend is french and turns up the accent and can get a woman undressed within minutes of meeting her.
He has the gift of gab. Talking is so much more than looks and a nice bod for women. For him I think he was born with this skill. I am learning it... I do have a cell phone filled with at least 15 girl/friends with whom I think I could get laid... but consider them conquered and want more women... Why? Why Not... (applause here)

2. What are some of the techniques in use that work for you... lets help eachother out here cuz if I got laid as much as I want I would not be taking up server space on this site...

If anybody here considers themselves a pro lets here your story... to qualify I think you should or could get laid at least 3 times a week with a different woman if you wanted to... and do it within 2 hrs max of meeting here. My aforementioned friend sets the bar rather high so I think 2 hrs is a fair limit.

3. I am not looking to just give her the old wham bam, O-face. I want to make it hot enough so she will call me for booty calls or surprise me in the elevator in a trench coat. I once had a girl pick me up at the airport in a trench coat.... ...good times

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