So the past creeps on me...  

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9/8/2006 6:39 am

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So the past creeps on me...


My previous relationship was an open one. Those are pretty much the only type of relationship I will get into these days, because people who are open to that, can usually deal with the jealousy of seeing me with other girls when I'm at a show. It's not that I'm fucking all of them, or any of them for that matter. It's the fact that most girls get insanely jealous if I even HUG another girl, let alone kiss them on the cheek.

I do that all the time, a kiss on the cheek. It's nothing, honestly. That is a truly innocent thing. Now if I grabbed a girl by the ass, drew her close to me, and shoved my tongue down her throat, that would be a different story.

Anyways, I met me last girlfriend in a poly situation. She was with another girl at the time, and all three of us were actually seeing eachother for a while. The other girl had grown haphazard in her ability to practice safe sex, so we ended up splitting from her and doing our own thing.

At one point and time, we tried monogamy. We ended up fighting so bad that we took a small break from seeing eachother. I don't know about you, but that still leaves me with the impression that were not seeing other people, dosen't it you? Either way, the night of the 'break' she fucked some other dude, and then called me to tell me how horrible he made her feel. What kind of reaction were you looking for there? Did you think I was going to look past the fact that YOU wanted monogamy, and then fucked someone else, just to console you in your guilt for a bad decision? Eventually we decided to get back together, with our original gameplan in effect. If you are going to sleep with someone else, use a condom, get frequent checkups, and tell the other person after it happens. We even had several flings with her other friends, sometimes 2 or three of them. I can't say I didn't enjoy that.

So we live happily for a while (or so I thought) until one night, a friend brings this chick over. We're drinking and what not, and this girl is telling me how she has been infatuated with me since the first time she saw me on stage. I'm thinking, whatever, I've heard all this before. But she ends up naked, laying in my bed, waiting for me to get done partying and come lay with her. Of course I fucked her. She was fairly attractive, with a great positive attitude, and begging for a pony ride.

Shit happens, and I want to tell my S/O what had happened. I was going to wait until I saw her, because telling her over the phone is so impersonal. Someone gets to her before me, which was annoying. She then confesses that she is hurt every time I look at another girl, and that she wants monogamy again. I explain my situation, and how I feel about that, but she dosen't seem to listen, so I had to tell her I could not provide the type of companionship that she wants from me at this time. What else was I supposed to do?

Have you ever been in a situation like this? I can't be alone on a network of swingers...

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