Say it Aint So Joe  

coffeencream422 57M/52F
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5/30/2006 8:49 pm
Say it Aint So Joe

Once upon a time TV was a vast wasteland of reruns and unimaginative plots. Then one night, while watching yet another insipid piece of network trash, a beacon shone offering me hope.
And thus I became a devotee of the Sci Fi channel believing their offer of “Television beyond the realm of imagination.” I rejoiced as classic chestnuts of my youth made their way across my TV screen like old friends.

Then my hopes were raised as the rescued B5, Stargate, then brought to my screen Farscape and resurrected the doctor and a superior Galactica.

Little did I know however that a snake had made its way into my Garden of Eden. With covetous eyes it gazed upon my happy world but was bound by a lack of how to corrupt my world. Then it happened…it made it in and now I am in mourning for the of my beloved Eden. Yes Virginia…ECW wrestling has come to the Sci Fi channel.

Of course it should be a perfect fit after all the imagination stretching “athletic” endeavors and off the wall “stories” could be correctly construed as fantasy so I guess it is right at home. I only hope that maybe if they can bring ECW to Sci Fi, can Flesh Gordon or Emmanuelle in Space be far behind????

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