Update...and a shoutout to a certain someone ;-)  

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8/24/2006 8:59 pm

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Update...and a shoutout to a certain someone ;-)

Spoke to my mom earlier today,shes going to be fine.It was as I thought just a sickle-cell attack,the first in 5 years I think.She'll just need some rest to recuperate and to tell my sister to buzz the hell off with her drama-machine so my mom wont stress because thats what led to it.Yeah,I was afraid for her, but just chalk me up to being a girl who loves her mom a lot.

Now that I don't feel so guilty.. back to my usual sexual antics,but no ones biting that I like because I'm still hung up on the young man from a week or so ago that I wrote about.
I so need to see him again and if he reads this:
I fucking want you so bad.OMG I really want to show you how good I give head.Feel that massively thick cock in my mouth as I suckle and lick your throbbing mushroom while cradling your balls rolling them up and down your solid shaft.Listening to you moan pleasurably and suck your breath through your teeth because it feels so good but holding back your orgasm to savor the pleasure I feel your rod twitch,I take my mouth off your dick spit on it and give you a fire hand job while licking your sac feeling each nut roll around my tongue suckling that too, still waxing your steel piece of meat.By this time,I'm so wet from feeling your cock in my mouth and hearing you moan I want 69 so you can lick my succulent pussy.I slowly position myself on your waiting face,I can feel your wet tongue touch my moist flower..cool air rushes past my clit as you begin to beat your tongue against it.I let a muffled moan pass my lips as you suck on my fleshy pearl like a baby sucks a pacifier.I grind down a little to take in such a feeling.Meanwhile,I arch over and go back to work on your waiting muscle which my then is so stiff.I use my vacuum technique as you gratefully lap the juice from my lovehole like it was ambrosia.I moan and audibly whisper " Fuck yeah" as you pull my hips down so I can grind my pussy on your tongue riding it up and down.I feel it coming like tsunami wave rising up in the sea,but I hold back so our climaxes can be simultaneous.You feel me tighten up my pussy in resistance so that goads you to lick even more focusing on my already sensitive clit...I don't think I can hold it anymore...So in return I begin to pump my warm damp mouth rapidly and repeatedly down your shaft.I can feel your legs tense and I am anticipating....I begin to moan and pant to where my voice changes octaves because I feel the Wave coming...hearts pounding,rushing...I feel a hot splash of your salty cum hit the end of my tongue as I make sure to throat your rod all the way down to catch every drop almost gagging.Your breathing out "Oh shit...shit..."At the same time the Wave breaks onto me and I feel my nipples harden with this intense orgasm letting my juices flow into your waiting mouth.You can feel my cumming too because my body shudders intensely when I do although my mouth is still on your dick feeling it twitch not to miss a beat just in case you're one of those "2nd cummers" hehe.We separate,and just to be a bit more freaky you request I kiss you with your spunk still in my mouth.I devour your mouth lustfully letting you suck it from my mouth appreciatively.Showing my gratitude I hungrily kiss you letting our tongues playfully wrestle until we are ready again...30 minutes later,LOL.See,that one was for you...just a sample.I hope we can see eachother when you have the time...

Noli me vocare, ego te vocabo

ilovetolickit82 34M

8/25/2006 10:26 am

That was HOT...if you get tired of waiting for this guy to snswer back I'm always around. But for your sake I hope he shows up Hope your mom is doing well.

cocoatits81 35F

8/25/2006 4:15 pm


Noli me vocare, ego te vocabo

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