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8/18/2006 2:45 am

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Finally my first meet from here and lets say it was rather sucessful since our first attempt was kinda botched.We talked again and met up,it was a lil akward to get to his place but I made it.Anyway,his roomie answered the door,I was expecting him(!)

Thought my cover was blown(yeah)he came outside,half asleep(lol).First impression..boyishly handsome,for sake of anonyminity I'm not going into full detail of his looks,but his looks turned me on,lets just say the pics I saw of him did no justice.I thought
he was hot:cute smile/lips,eyes,hair and voice.
Anyway,we took a walk to talk somewhere to buy sometime until his roomie left for work.
He was very interested in hearing about me and I felt very comfy talking to him,but then again I felt this way when he first contacted me.Well after a bit of talking he went back to his apartment very courteous he offered me some water bc it was hot as hell and I took a quick looksee of his place before going to his room.
This was totally unexpected but he asked me for a massage,I was a little rusty but he enjoyed it so much so we began kissing and caressing eagerly.His technique was very sensual and passionate,I could tell he loved kissing and feeling my lips with his tongue and suckling my tongue as well.
By then I was pretty hot and I ready to go but we spent a bit of time just being sensual I was impressed because some dudes just wanted to cut to the chase like it was frickin porno but this guy wanted to be tactile which got mad points from me.And so on we were nude by then and he was sucking my breasts which I love,(no matter who does)and kissing and licking my tummy,thighs and inner thigh readying my pussy which by that time was good to go of course.
First lick I moaned his focus was my clit lightly beating his tongue against it all the while fingering and rubbing the outside and he did someother stuff I never experienced,I was twitching,to me that meant it was good.
We took a respite and made out somemore he enjoyed my lips and skin and complimented throughout.
Anyway,he invited me to do whatever I wanted to him.See,my focus on a man is his nipples and so I went to town he ejoyed that thru and thru I could tell because I felt his cock get hard as a rock and dribble precum which I enhanced the experience by slightly jacking him off then nibbling and licking his torso leaving feather-bites which I call them(not too soft or hard).Mmm,I loved his skin as well I lavished him with more licks and bites just to feel my mouth on his body. Another thing that drives me wild is when a guy sucks my fingers;I was tracing my finger around his lips while I was doing my thing on his nipples still and he began suckling my fingers(oh shit yeah,lol).
I got him worked up so that he went back down to my pussy again and voraciously ate,then he laid on his side and ate my pussy.Damn it felt so good(yeah,like the other ways didnt) but his breath kept it warm and moist down there while he licked away and his cock was facing me.I didnt want to suck it yet so I rubbed the head around my nipples.He stopped again because his jaw was begining to lock.
I understand how that can be,so I asked if he 69-ed before, he said yeah so we tried that.He began to lick my pussy again,but I barely wrapped my mouth down the length of his very thick shaft(I'm talking 4 or 5 around,I almost couldnt fit my mouth around it but I succeeded)and began to suck and I guess he couldnt hold it no more because I felt it spasm and twitch and pump warm cum in my mouth which I promptly swallowed(yes fellas,that I do).
I wasnt disappointed because unlike some guys I was with in the past he didnt cum the first time I kissed him this guy who will remain nameless because he sucked that bad,lol.I figured it was a compliment to me in a way because I dont have much faith in my skills but I guess I was wrong.He cleaned up and got dressed then checked his phone as he went out the room.
He came back like five mins later and appologized because I had to leave,his roomie was coming back,and he explained he had to be discreet.I understood that too,he walked me out before I guess his roomie saw me again.(shrugs)He appologized once more and hoped to see me again vice/versa as I rushed to leave,not before giving him a hug.
He made my day,I like this guy a bit and I do hope to see him again.Hehe,I guess this time when we both know his roomie was gonna be away for sure.

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rm_dodg01 43M
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8/18/2006 3:24 am

Sounds like you had a good time, I could make you have multiple orgasms with just with my tongue

stronglikebull4u 46M
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8/18/2006 1:07 pm

Wow, not only amazing but I am so fucking hard and throbbing now! I hope and pray your sexy ass is not too tired to take me on for an after noon or two....

Just the words you write make me cum at once....

boliek 35M

8/20/2006 11:57 pm

lucky guy....

cocoatits81 35F

8/22/2006 12:12 pm

I was the lucky one...believe me. Anyway,thanx fellas on the comments to my mini-erotic "novel".Hehe.

Noli me vocare, ego te vocabo

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