Plane - Fantasy 2  

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4/17/2005 11:04 am

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Plane - Fantasy 2

We had been sitting in the plane for a couple of hours now ‒ doing the usual reading magazines, books etc ‒ some casual chat, reminiscing about or past few weeks on holiday. Both feeling a little sad that it was coming to an end and having to return home to work etc. The Flight wasn’t too full and we had noone on either side of us. The cabin crew had done their bit of serving drinks and food, cleared up and now we were all settling down to the long haul, the lights had been turned off so people could sleep, listen to music or watch the onboard movies etc.

We had covered ourselves with our blankets and where trying to get as comfortable as possible. However I had other ideas! I had been feeling amorous all day and had been fantasizing about you and how hot you always made me feel. You had leant into me and where resting you’re head on my shoulder slightly dosing. I could smell your sweet scent, which was turning me on as I listened to your gentle breathing. I was gently stroking your thigh with my finger tips, just slowly letting my fingers slide up and down your leg, exploring more and more with my fingers. My thoughts where wandering and I was becoming more and more turned on. A little nervous as my heart was beating stronger, just from the thoughts running through my head, wishing me on to act upon what I was thinking. My cock was growing in my jeans and straining against the buttons. You must have sensed my frustration and slowly parted your legs a little inviting me to stroke your leg higher. You placed a hand on my leg and was gently rubbing my leg encouraging me to go further, matching my strokes with yours. I moved my hand up your inner thigh higher now, becoming bolder and stronger, gently massaging your inner thigh and I could hear your breathing becoming a little harder. You parted your legs more and I moved my hand up further. I could feel the warmth of your sex on the back of my hand now as I massaged the top of your inner thigh, every so often nudging against your sex. I could feel you getting wet and the dampness of your underwear was turning me on so much. I was nervous that we might get caught, but the blanket was hiding what I was doing. In my excitement of teasing you I hadn’t noticed that you had worked your hand up my own leg, until you gently traced a finger across the bulge in my jeans. Becoming boulder now I traced a finger deliberately up between your pussy lips, feeling how swollen they had become. Your underwear was soaking now, as I stroked you more, becoming more insistent with my finger, pushing the fabric between your lips and up into your sex. Your pussy lips where exposed now to my finger tips and I massaged them up and down. I wanted to push my finger deeper into you, but the fabric of your underwear was in the way but I pushed anyway, pushing in deeper as far as I was able. I stoked your sex up and down, teasing. I slide my finger up higher now right up to your clit and I rubbed against it through the fabric, which was pushed tight against your clit. You let out a little whimper as I did so and I could tell how excited you where and how engorged your clit was.

All the time I had been playing with you, you had been stroking my cock through my jeans. You now started to unbutton my jeans and slide your hand inside easing back my boxers to free my cock from its restraint. Taking my cock in your hand you started to stroke me up and down, running your fingers around my shaft and taking the head between your fingers and massaging me and then stroking back down my shaft. You took me completely in your hand and started to wank me up and down with each stroke reaching my cock head your circled your grip around it and then back down. Each stroke being deliberate and strong and then back to gently stroking me with your finger tips, alternating between going soft to strong strokes.

I was paying the same attention to your pussy, working my finger up and down your lips and across your clit, working from strong deep strokes to soft teasing touches. Each time I reached your clit I would last a little longer teasing your more. I wanted to feel you deep inside and I hooked my finger under the elastic of your underwear and pulled it out from between your lips and pushed it to one side. You parted your legs even more now and I slowly slide a finger deep into your sex now. I slide in so easily and I worked my finger in and out slowly at first, feeling my way around inside you working my finger along your pussy walls up until I reached that special spot which I massaged gently. I was working myself really up now and I was desperate to have you. You had stopped stroking my cock but kept your grip on my shaft. I cold feel how excited you where by how tight you gripped me. I eased another finger into you and with both my fingertips I massaged your G spot rubbing it between my fingertips. You where moaning quite loudly more but I didn’t care, as I wanted you to cum on my fingers. You where pushing forward now on your seat trying to get more of my fingers into you as I kept up my rhythm. I could feel your pussy muscles clenching my fingers as I drove them in deeper and could feel your juices running down into the palm of my cupped hand. Suddenly you where cumming, your pussy convulsing on my fingers, you let out one long soft moan, your juices flooding out and your muscles gripping my fingers hard in one long hard clench. Your hand gripping my cock so tight.

I wanted you so much now, my cock was aching and my balls full of cum ready to burst. Once you had come back down from your high you tucked me back into my jeans and did up my buttons. I was confused, as I knew that you knew what I wanted. However you just gave me a little wink. Getting up from your seat you made your way up to the toilets and I figured out what we were to do. I waited a minute and followed you up. The cabin was dark and most people where sleeping so no one figured what we were up to. The toilets where at the centre of the plane and the curtains had been drawn across them to cut out the light so no one saw as I entered the same cubicle as you. You where sitting on the toilet seat slowly massaging your self as I entered and as soon as I had locked the door you hurriedly undid the buttons of my jeans and had them and my boxers down on the floor. My cock bounced out and was hard and strong as you took it in your hands and eased the head between your lips and started to suck my head strongly. Running your tongue around my head. You wanked me with your hands and played with my balls as you kept sucking and licking my head. I was ready to burst. You could sense this and stopped. You didn’t want me to cum yet so you released my cock from your lips and gently ran your tongue up and down my shaft avoiding my sensitive head.

I wanted you so much now, lifting you off the seat I turned you around in the little space we had and leant you forward as much as we could. Lifting a leg and placing it on the toilet seat and spreading your legs as much as possible I bent down positioning myself in such away so that I could push up and thrust my cock deep into your sex. As I stood up my cock slide straight into your soft wet folds of your pussy slightly lifting you up of the floor. Impaling my cock deep inside you as far as I could go. I started to pick up my rhythm, working myself harder and deeper inside you. You pushed back on me with each of my thrusts. Your pussy gripping my cock hard. I reached forward and gripped and played with your breasts. You unbuttoned your top and let your breasts free so I could play with your nipples as I slid my cock into you. You pushed back onto me harder now willing me to go faster. Your where moaning loudly now and I was breathing heavy, wanting to shout out my excitement, I had to bit my lower lip to stop myself. I was ready to come hard, but resisted as I new you weren’t far away from cumming yourself, I couldn’t hold on much longer and suddenly I could feel my cum driving up my shaft. I started to cum. Loads of it spurting out my cock head filling you. This topped it for you and you came in a great wave of emotion and excitement. Your every muscle tensing as I trust one last thrust into you as deep and hard as I could go holding myself there. I gripped your breasts and pulled you back onto me, your nipples squeezed hard between my fingers. You convulsed onto my cock and your pussy muscles sucked ever last drop of cum out of me, as wave after wave of your orgasm spread through your body.

We snuck back to our seats and cuddled up next to each other and fell asleep for a few hours. Still the trip was along way from being over and our excitement for each other was still great.

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