Hot fun down at the harbour  

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4/28/2005 3:24 am

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Hot fun down at the harbour

We both clambered onto the deck of the boat. It had been a fairly long day already and we were both a little tippsy. But all the same the bottle of champagne that we had grabbed on the way over would go down well as the firework display was about to start.

We had travelled north for my cousins wedding and this was their parting gift to all there friends before setting off on their honeymoon, a firework display down at the beach off the end of the harbour.

I grabbed a bundle of cushions and placed them on the deck at the front of the yacht. It wasn’t a huge yacht but quit luxurious and plenty of deck space. You where standing on the front of the boat watching the setting sun, as the waves gently rocked the boat from side to side. I grabbed a couple of glasses and opened the bottle and came up behind you wrapping my arms around your waste and handing you a glass. You turned and kissed me deeply, passionately, parting my lips with your tongue feeling inside for mine. I returned the kiss but you pulled away giving me one of your sly little grins and turned back to watch the setting sun, as I kept my arms wrapped around you.

The other guests where starting to line up along the harbour now, the sun was almost gone and darkness began to fall. I was running my hands up and down you, slowly feeling your body under your t-shirt feeling your curves, up across your breasts and back down again, just touching softly and slowly. I could tell you where enjoying what I was doing as you pushed back into me. I kissed the back of our neck just touching with my lips giving you little kisses behind your ear and nudging into you. You had moved your hand back behind you and worked it between us and was running your hand up and down over my stiffening cock, feeling my growing shaft through my jeans. I think the thought of making love to me while everyone was on the harbour wall was turning you on quite a lot, just the thought that everyone could possibly see us was turning me on to. You turned to me again and wrapped your arm around my neck and pulled me down back to your mouth and we kissed passionately again, your hand continuously rubbing me all the time. You began to kiss my neck and started to work your way down my front across my chest kissing me nibbling on me, sucking each of my nipples into your mouth through my t-shirt. Sliding all the way down till you where kneeling in front of me, you just smiled up at me and winked. Turning me around so I could lean back onto the rail of the boat and so that you could watch the gathering crowd you started to undo my belt and buttons on my jeans. My cock was extremely hard by now, the rubbing and the thought of what you where about to do had sprung him into life and he was aching to be free from the constraint of my underwear. Reaching behind me you tugged at my jeans and pulled them down over my buttock, taking my boxers at the same time. My cock sprang free bursting forth joyously bobbing in the warm sea breeze in front of you. Taking my shaft in your hand you started to wank me up and down my full length, you held your mouth open in front of me and I could feel the warmth of your breath on my head. I wanted to be inside your mouth ‒ to feel you suck my head to feel your warm mouth running up and down my shaft. Suddenly I was inside you, your mouth engulfed my cock, sucking my head in-between your lips, the sensation was amazing, I love the feeling of wet warmth on my cock. You started to suck on me hard, running your tongue all-around my shaft, sucking me in deep, using your tongue around my head, running your hand around my head and shaft. The sensation of what you where doing was driving me wild, I new I wouldn’t last long.. You started to bob your head up and down my cock alternating between taking me in deep and running your hand around my shaft ‒ you where working me in and out of your mouth going faster and faster. Every so often stopping to run your tongue around my head, using your tongue stud running it up and down the V on the underside of my throbbing fat head. I couldn’t take this much longer, I was about to cum and cum hard. I could feel my spunk building up and I took hold of your head in my hands and started to thrust into your mouth. I couldn’t hold back anymore and my cum rushed up my shaft and burst out into your mouth. It came in waves and filled your mouth, hitting the back of your throat but you held me tight inside and took it all. You continued to suck on me using my cum to lubricate my cock even more as you sucked every last drop from me.

I pulled you to your feet and kissed you deeply and could taste my saltiness in your mouth, our tongues entwined and played with each other what seemed like for ever, but you pulled away and looked over my shoulder to look at the crowd to se if anyone had been watching, but it was hard to tell. The fireworks still hadn’t started yet and the crowd was being quite noisy, full of merriment and drink. I wasn’t about to let our own merriment finish now, as I was still very hard and wanted to pleasure you s you had just me. Slide out from your embrace and cam up behind you as you leant on the boat railing. I started to rub my hands all up and down you again feeling you like I had before, but with much more vigour now. I rubbed and squeezed your breasts in my hands, working myself up and down your body feeling every inch of you, a hand sliding down between your legs and feeling the heat of your sex through your pants. Sliding my hands back up over your stomach I took your top as I went and peeled it up off over your head and undid your bra letting your tits free into the open air. My hands where immediately back onto them feeling, rubbing squeezing, taking your nipples between my fingers, rolling them and pinching very softly. Your breast where free for everyone to see and this excited me even more and I guess it was you too as your where moaning softly as my hands roamed over your chest and stomach. Reaching down I started to undo your jeans and slid a hand inside under your g-string. I felt the wetness of your lips with my fingers and eased one inside letting my finger slide across your clit as I went inside. You where very wet and you thrust your arse back against me, against my cock as I worked my finger in and out of you. Easing my hand back out from your underwear I started to peel your jeans and down over your arse, feeling your pert cheeks in my hands as I went, I eased them down your legs as I got on my knees behind you slipping them off over your feet. You where completely naked now except for your g-string for everyone to see, still leaning forward onto the rail, your back slightly arched forward as you pushed your buttocks back to me. I ran my hands back up your legs parting them as I went running my fingers up the insides of your thighs up towards your sex, I wanted to taste you, taste your sex on my tongue. Working my hands up and around your thighs I pulled your underwear aside, and parted your cheeks, pulling your pussy lips open at the same time. Leaning forward I slide my tongue up between legs, licking your clit with the tip of my tongue continuing up over your lips and opening right up across your arsehole, and back down again. Each time working my tongue deeper and harder onto you. I took your clit in my mouth, my nose pressed hard against your soaking lips, I sucked on it deeply into my mouth sucked on it hard before letting go and working my tongue up between your pussy lips. I pushed it in as deep as I could go feeling around inside you, working it in and out of you, as I held your open with my hands, my fingers massaging your pert cheeks. I feverishly worked my tongue, and lips on your pussy and clit every soften working my tongue up to your arse, licking all-around your hole and pushing it just inside. I was lubricating your arse with your own juices from your pussy and working them inside you with my tongue. I could tell you where really enjoying this as you where moaning quite loudly and thrusting yourself back onto my tongue and lips. My cock was still throbbing very hard and I wanted to be inside you. Standing I took my cock in my hand and guided my huge head towards your pussy. Touching your lips with my head I started to push forward, I love watching my head ease into you, parting your lips as it goes, stretching you open. I eased my head in further and kept pushing sliding myself in watching your pussy lips engulf me, my shaft disappearing inside you.. As soon as I was all the way inside I started to pull back out, and then back in again, working up a rhythm as sliding in and out. I reached forward and took your breast in my hands and played with your nipples, rubbing and squeezing your tits in my hands ‒ all the time sliding my cock in and out of your sweet pussy. We both could see the crowd on the harbour wall, anyone could see what we where doing, but we didn’t care. The fireworks where starting now, lighting up the night sky, illuminating the whole harbour. I picked up the pace working my cock in and out of you harder and faster, I could feel you tense on my cock and I knew you where about to cum, you where thrusting back onto me, urging me on to go deeper and harder into you. I held onto you hard, my hands on your shoulders pulling you back onto me, You started to cum and I drove into you even harder I wanted to feel you cum so hard on my cock. My hands engulfed your breasts, as your pussy muscles convulsed on my cock, you where moaning so load almost screaming, I am sure everyone could hear, but this just set me off even more and I started to cum too, my cock shooting another load of cum, spurting deep inside you. This just set you off again as you came again on my cock as it convulsed inside you, squeezing me tightly, sucking every last drop from my shaft. I stayed inside you as we started to relax from our high, I held you close to me, the fireworks where banging away filling the night sky. Eventually I sat back down onto the cushions on the deck and you came down beside me and snuggled up close as we sipped on champagne watching the fireworks revelling in the fact that we had made our own………………..

To be continued!!!!!!

Vicky_pussy 42F

5/3/2005 3:08 pm

So please the next episode!!! My pussy is going to explode thinking about your story.... it's good keep it cumming!

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