Fun down at the harbour Part 2  

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5/4/2005 1:43 am

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Fun down at the harbour Part 2

We had been busy laying watching the fireworks for about five minutes, I knew you where still turned on as you had been massaging my cock the whole time occasionally rubbing your clit, nibbling on my nipples. What you where doing was getting me going again and my cock was beginning to stiffen under the attention of your hand. Raising myself on my elbow and staring down into your eyes I kissed you deep and hard, out tongues entwining. My hand darted between your legs and I immediately slipped a finger into your wet pussy and worked it in and out, mixing my cum with your own juices. My lips left yours and I kissed down your neck to your nipples sucking on them hard and intensely alternating from one to the other. You where raising your hips off the deck and thrusting back onto my finger willing me to fuck your pussy harder and faster. Your hand had been on my cock this whole time and I was standing proud and hard once again, you massaged my shaft up and down keeping in time with my finger in your pussy. I slipped it out only to thrust it back in again but using two fingers this time, working them in and out of you and all-round inside. Your hand on my cock was doing the trick and I could feel myself about to cum again so I stopped my fingers inside you and you stopped rubbing my cock. The temporary relief is what I needed as I had other ideas of where my spunk was going to go.

I worked my lips further down your body, forcing you to let go of my cock. I worked my lips down over your stomach around your belly button and taking your legs in my arms and throwing them over my shoulders I darted my tongue between your legs, I could taste my own cum mingled with the sweet scent of your pussy juices. You where so wet and turned on you grabbed my head and pulled me into your pussy, my tongue lapping deep inside you. I had to forcibly pull back hard just to breath and take your clit into my mouth. Taking two fingers again I scooped up some of the wetness from your pussy and worked it down between your arse cheeks to you little hole and massaged the juice in ‒ working my fingers inside you lubricating your hole. I continued sucking and flicking your clit with my mouth and tongue as I worked more and more juices into your arse scooping it up form your pussy. Your thrusts up into my face and onto my fingers was becoming more and more insistent and I new you where ready. Releasing myself from between your legs I slid up your body letting your legs slip from my shoulders but only down to the crook of my arms. As I skid upwards I forced your knees back to your chest lifting your arse up towards my waiting cock. I was so rock hard now that as I slid forward my cock head nudged straight against your hole, you where tight but I forced myself onwards and slowly you opened up, my cock head was forcing you open and I slid forward and inwards. Suddenly I was inside and you let out a deep moan as my shaft followed my cock head into your arse. I pushed on and on until I was buried deep inside. Holding you down with my arms as I lay across you and I started to work myself in and out, sliding my head until it was all the way out and then straight back in again. You held onto my arse pulling me in deeper and willing me to drive on harder, your moans where getting so load which just made me drive into you harder and faster. I am sure everyone could hear but I didn’t care I wanted to take you again and again.

Suddenly I pulled right out, and without hesitation I flipped you over onto all fours so you could see everyone on the harbour, I spreads your arse cheeks with my hands and drove myself back deep into your arse from behind. Leaning forward I grabbed your tits fondling them and squeezing your nipples. You tried to lift yourself up as if to show everyone your tits and to show how much you where enjoying being fucked so deep and hard from behind. My hands on your its helped to hold you up, but without having something to lean on you soon flopped forward, your face on a pillow. I took your hands and pulled them back to your own ass and ordered you to hold yourself open for me. Your where moaning so load willing me on. I got up and squatted behind you driving my cock so deep into your arse, your tight muscles where clenching my shaft and they slid up and down. Taking your own hand you started to wank your own clit and working them into your pussy, thrusting yourself back onto my cock. Your breaths where becoming shorter and quicker and I knew again you where about to come and this just made me drive myself into you even harder and faster. You started to cum and let out a long load scream of excitement, your muscles spasm on my cock as if to suck my cum from me, this just sent me over the top and with one final thrust I shot my load deep into your arse, letting out a deep groan that echoed around the harbour. Slumping forward from exhaustion my cock slide from your arse and we lay net to each other grinning and listening to the crowd cheering, we weren’t sure if it was from our spectacle of a show or was it from the fireworks that where drawing to an end, but I am sure that maybe some had been watching ‒ if not all.

You lay on your back looking up to the sky, the final fireworks where blasting away, and I could tell you where exhilarated by what we had just done, the smile on your face was exciting to see, you had your legs splayed and where gently stroking yourself between your legs rubbing my spunk that was dribbling from your arse and massaging it all over between your legs and across your pussy lips and clit. You reached up and pulled my head down to yours and kissed me deeply, letting me know how much you had enjoyed the wonderful sex. You where rubbing your tits, taking my spunk and your juices from between your legs and massaging it into your skin. I kneeled over you watching you, watch the sexy display you where giving me, I didn’t know if I could get hard again, but I massaged my own cock anyway. You where enjoying watching me, and you played with yourself even more, egging me on, you wanted to see me hard to see me play with myself. You leaned forward and took my sticky cock in your mouth to coax my cock back to life. You sucked on my head rubbing your tongue stud along the underside of my head. The blood started to flow back into mycock as I watched what you where doing, the way you where thrusting your fingers into you pussy now with on hand as you cupped my balls with the other and took my cock deep down into your mouth and throat. The sensations I was feeling where incredible and I could only just bear it all. Pushing you back onto your back so I could watch the expressions on your face as you watched me I started to wank my ever-hardening cock. The palm of my hand sliding up and down my shaft lubricated by your saliva, my fingers running over my head and back down my shaft as I wanked myself in front of you as you thrust your fingers inside your pussy, every so often pulling them all the way out to lick them clean, to taste your own cum mingled with my spunk. The sight was unbearable, so sexy and turned me on so much that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came again. You where egging me on by what you where doing, the sensations in me where building again and suddenly my spunk was shooting up my shaft again bursting forth out of me onto your chest and throat. I didn’t think I had any left in me, but long jets of spunk kept flying from head, four five, six times great droplets landing on your tits and running down either side. You just massaged it into your skin, making your tits glisten with cum, as you took my cock back into your mouth to suck up the last remaining droplets from the tip of my head.

Laying down behind you I took you in my arms and kissed the back of your neck and held you close. What an evening, what a session, what fun!!! Till next time!!!

dizzeemiss 42F

5/22/2005 10:37 am

excellent !!

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