Beach Fun!!  

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4/19/2005 2:30 pm

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Beach Fun!!

We had been walking along the beach for a little while, looking for that certain spot where there weren’t too many people about and we could get a little privacy, not too many on lookers. It was a gorgeously hot day with a refreshing cool breeze gently blowing, but not enough to whip up the sand. Eventually rounding the corner there was a secluded spot where we could lay out and relax to get a tan and bath in the crystal clear water.

Laying out the towels we both stripped of down to our swimming costumes. Me in my usual boxer type trunks, you had on a very revealing bikini. Mmmm such a striking sight you were, fuelling my over active imagination. You began to rub some sunscreen along your legs stroking them seductively up and down and up between your legs across your inner thighs and back down across your calves, god you looked so sexy, the cream glistening in the sun light. You worked some more into your stomach and around your neck and face being very meticulous to cover all exposed skin. I sat and watched, transfixed by your beauty, smiling at how lucky I was to be with such a stunning girl. I was lost in my thoughts, how much I wanted to rub the cream over your body for you, to feel your soft warm skin under my fingers, to massage you and stroke you. I came back to earth with a start as you turned to me and asked me to rub some on your back.

Taking the bottle I squirted a little into my hand and rubbed them together making sure the cream wasn’t cold and applied my hands to your back, gently stroking and rubbing the cream in. I could feel my cock beginning to twitch in my shorts I was so turned on. It always amazed me how just being able to touch that soft auburn skin of yours could make me feel. You reached behind you and undid the not of your bikini top and let it fall away from your breasts. What a fantastic sight you where, I always loved your breasts, how big and soft they felt, how they supported themselves, your nipples being a perfect shape and size. How I loved to hold and fondle them in my hands. Squirting a little more cream into my hands I ran them around from behind and cupped your breasts in my hands and massaged the cream over them, making sure I covered them all, I teased you a little by tweaking your nipples between my fingertips every so often before continuing with my massage. I could tell you where a little turned on by how hard your nipples had become. The thought of someone possibly watching what I was doing to you and your breasts being so exposed for people to see was quite exciting. I knew I had quite covered your breasts with enough sunscreen but I continued to massage and play with them a little longer, my cock growing ever bigger. I had to stop myself and rolled over onto my front to hide my now obvious excitement. You lay back and relaxed to let the sun do its job and heat your beautiful skin and give you an amazing tan.

After a little while you rolled over and asked me to rub some more cream onto your back and legs, which I was all too happy to comply. I started up at the back of you neck, working my way slowly down your back massaging every muscle as I went. You were enjoying what I was doing, getting an impromptu massage, as I worked the cream into your sift skin. Slowly and deliberately I worked my way further down towards your bikini bottoms that barely covered your bum cheeks. However I skirted past tem and resisted massaging them too and worked my way down further down the back of your legs and across your calves and down to your feet. I took a foot at a time and massaged your feet and between your toes, rubbing, needing, massaging them, taking my time, being deliberate in all my movements. You where breathing softly every so often letting out a little moan of enjoyment. I worked my way back up your legs now, slightly parting your thighs so I could massage up the insides. I worked my hands up further slowly, massaging and rubbing all the time. I knew you where getting excited but I didn’t want to rush anything, just to let you relax and enjoy what I was doing. I parted your legs further as I worked up higher, right up between your legs and across and around your inner thighs right up to your pussy. I was becoming more excited and I could see how excited you had become as a damp patch was appearing between your legs on the silky bikini bottoms that you wore. I was desperate to stroke your pussy but I wanted to massage the soft cheeks of your arse first. I moved my hands up to your gorgeous cheeks and massaged the cream in, needing your cheeks with my strong hands, slipping my fingers under the elastic of the bikini bottoms making sure that I covered all your flesh. I had straddled you by now and you could feel how turned on I was as my stiff cock rubbed up your legs as I continued. I started to work my way back up your back, more deliberate and insistent now. Putting more pressure into my massage giving you long hard strokes up your back, leaning right forward deliberately pushing my hard cock between your arse cheeks making sure you could feel me and how turned I was. I worked my hands back down now sliding my body down your legs and I massaged back onto your arse and down your thighs. You parted your legs for me this time and as I worked my hands up and down your thighs right up to almost touching your pussy through the fabric of your bikini. I knew your where very turned on now, your breathing was a lot heavier and you where moaning deeply, the dampness between your legs was increasing and I couldn’t help myself anymore I had to feel your sex. I stroked my fingers right up between your legs right up across the fabric feeling your engorged pussy lips and on my fingers and right up across your clit. You jumped slightly as I crossed your clit, which excited me so much. I stroked your lips back and forth and rubbed your clit through the fabric and you pushed your hips back onto my hand and fingers willing me to explore more.

You where so turned on now, not just by knowing how you where making me feel, and by what my fingers where doing to your pussy, but also by the fact that you hadn’t looked up and looked around to see if anyone was watching what we were doing!

My fingers where becoming more persistent in there probing and rubbing and all you could think about was wanting my cock, fingers and tongue deep inside you, anything would do as long as you could feel something deep inside. You rolled over and immediately grabbed my stiff cock, encircling it through my shorts. You just gave me a wicked grin and reached up with your free hand pulling my face down towards yours and kissed me passionately and deeply, all the time keeping a hold of my cock. You whispered into my ear and I knew exactly what to do. I released myself from you and peeled your bikini bottoms down off your legs revealing your wet sex too me. Leaning down I traced my tongue up between your pussy lips and took your clit between my lips and sucked on it making you squirm underneath me. I traced my tongue back and forth across your lips dipping my tongue deep inside and licking all around your pussy walls. Taking your lips and sucking them between your lips before working my tongue back up to your clit. You grabbed the back of my head and pulled me hard onto you whilst trusting your hips up onto my face as I worked my mouth and tongue feverishly on your pussy. At the same time I was wriggling out of my shorts to free my hard throbbing cock. Struggling to breath now I had to break free. I pulled myself away from and rolled over onto my back taking you with me, as you straddled me. Sitting up you took my cock in your hand and eased your self down onto me impaling yourself on my hardness. I slid in so easily into your throbbing wet pussy, your warmth engulfing me and driving me wild, I love feeling myself inside you. You threw your head back and leaned back taking in all the sensations of my cock deep inside you, the warm sun on your body the breeze blowing in your hair. You began to move yourself up and down on me sliding my cock in and out of you controlling how deep and how fast we went. You didn’t care of anyone was watching or not all you wanted was to feel me inside you. I reached up and took your breasts in my hands and kneaded them and massaged them. Leaning up further I took a nipple between my lips sucking on it hard before moving to the other one, all the time massaging your breasts and you riding my cock hard and deep.

You could see people in the distance but didn’t know if they were coming our way; also you could here shouting from around the corner as a group of young people played just around the corner. Jumping up of me you got down on all fours sticking your arse in the air. I got up behind you and grabbing your hips I drove myself deep back into your dripping wet pussy, your muscles sucking me back in, holding me tight. You where moaning and willing me on harder, as I drove into you hard and fast as I could go. I knew you where getting close as you met every one of my thrusts bucking back onto me. I massaged your arse hole with my thumb in rhythm with my thrusts. Wetting my thumb I pushed it into you as I pounded into your pussy. I wanted to fill you up completely to feel your holes being filled. I was so turned on my cock was as hard and big as it had ever been. I worked my thumb in and out of your arse and I took more of my saliva to make it easier for my thumb to slide into you. I wanted to take you from behind, so I pulled my dripping cock from your pussy and squatting behind you I presented it to your arse hole and began to push gently easing myself into you. You pushed back onto me and my cock slide in. I started to move slowly in and out of you at first but you pushed back harder begging me to go faster and harder. Your muscles clenched my cock hard and I could feel and hear you about to come as I rhythmically fucked your arse. You started to cum and you collapsed forward onto your shoulders on the ground ‒ I continued pumping myself into you driving you through your orgasm, which was now coming in waves one after another, you where trying to shout out your excitement but you where out of breath, but not wanting me to stop. I could feel myself working up and was about to burst; pulling my cock out of you I began to cum spurting my hot sticky cum all over your arse and pussy and back. I couldn’t stand anymore and collapsed onto the ground next to you as you lay on the ground next to me all naked and sticky, both breathing heavily recovering from our exertion.

After a few minutes of recovery you looked around and realised that people where quite near to us now, jumping up you dashed off down the beach and dove straight into the water with me in hot pursuit, to swim naked and cool of and clean up, waiting for the people to pass by, hoping that they wouldn’t stop and pitch up next to where we where. You where still excited though, being naked under the water and people passing by so close. The day wasn’t over yet!!!

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