my dreams  

cock_asslover 53M
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3/26/2006 9:24 pm
my dreams

my dreams are always differant but the same, 4 example i alway dream i am sitting at home and a pretty gurl is there and i ask her what she is doing. she tells me her car broke down and if she could have a drink of water so i ask her in. she has a short dress on and a see thru top and she has small tits which make my cock super hard. i get her a drink and i see she has great legs and black fuck-me pumps on. she says she really is my neighbor and that she has been checking me out and that she knows i like boi clits and pussy. then i realize she is the gurl of my dreams and that we have a great life together fucking and sucking each other off in total bliss, but thats just a dream now.

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