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5/6/2005 12:39 pm

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Tell Us A Story

Sorry to all - I've been very busy this week and a little glum so I've tried to keep a bit of a low profile, I just haven't had the time or energy to read blogs let alone make any comments. I'm hoping by Saturday I'll be feeling better about things, and I'll do my best to frequent as many blogs as I can.

Anyway...keeping with my new tradition - it's time for another contest! We had a picture contest last week and Barbiebunny69 won that one in a close heat, barely edging out...herself (3 entries!). I loved receiving those pictures bb69, but not everyone is able to enjoy the picture contributions. So I figured a story contest would be fun to try this week.

In the spirit of the 'rising' temperatures as summer approaches here is the contest; tell us all in 250 words or less about the hottest or craziest outdoor sex you've had. Men are more than welcome to participate. If a man wins, he gets a date with last weeks winner, Barbiebunny69's feet. If a woman wins, she gets whatever she wants!

Deadline is Sunday midnight pdt. Goodluck to all!

cochise226922 46M

5/8/2005 10:29 am

Well Katey...LOL why don't you start with one and we'll see about multiple entries after that. Looks like thats all its gonna take to win!

cochise226922 46M

5/8/2005 10:55 am

It's a warm summer late-morning and we go to the neighborhood pool like we usually do, to catch some rays. You look so tight and tan in your yellow bikini, and I love to watch you walk to the edge of the pool for a dip as the boys stare wide eyed. I decide to join you, and we splash about and chase each other underwater. I catch you in the corner of the pool, and hold you there as you put your arms around my neck. We kiss deeply and laugh from our fun, and you whisper to me that you want me inside you. A quick glance around - we are forgotten.
You drop a hand underwater and feel me as I grow, and I do likewise as I slip your bottoms aside to feel your wetness. You deftly pull out my now rock hard cock, and slowly maneuver yourself for the slow ride. Another glance around - still noone is giving us a second thought. You slowly slide it in and bite your lip as I fill you. You put your arms around myneck once again, and we kiss and fuck ever so slowly, careful not to splash or casue unwanted attention. 3 little kids are playing 'marco polo' nearby, boys are doing splash dives off the divingboard and an older woman is swimming laps, others are laying out around the deck - but noone sees us. It's so hot and exciting it doesnt take us long and we both cum together powerfully, splashng a little but staying quiet and keeping our secret safe. We kiss deeply once again and laugh, slide our suits back on properly and jump out to soak up some more rays.

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