Just another day  

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4/16/2005 11:30 am

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Just another day

Hi all - well this is my first attempt at blogging. I never really thought anybody would care to read or consider what I have to say, but I am just doggone lonely and bored and feel that I need some kind of release for my thoughts and feelings. So, I will attempt to record those thoughts and feelings here, and can only hope that some of you will read and consider what I have to say and that maybe I will strike a chord with a special woman who wants to hear more - in person.

It is a Saturday like any other I've had for the last 18 months or so since moving back to Colorado. I'm horny as hell, tired, lonely and spending my day at the computer watching others enjoy themselves through webcams and/or chat. No, I don't sit around naked with dick-in-hand. I'm lonely - not a weirdo or a pervert. This is not how I should spend my days I'm sure - but I'm tired from another LONG HARD week of work and have nowhere else to be - noone to be with - so I hang out with all of you living my life vicariously through you, wishing I WAS you.

As I sit here watching you all, I remember what it was like to breathe another's breath and miss it so much. I miss holding hands, running my fingers through silky soft hair and staring deep into eyes that are focused solely on me. I miss thinking about that special someone and having the phone ring a minute later, a friendly and seductive 'hey baby' from the other end. I miss sharing secrets, sharing my strength and sharing my love.

One day it will all come back and I'll be lonely no more - I KNOW this. I'm too good a man for you ALL to let me slip by unnoticed. But for now I spend my days here - watching you all and wondering who you are and when will I find you.

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