Answer me darn you! - an expansion of a blog reply  

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4/17/2005 4:22 pm

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Answer me darn you! - an expansion of a blog reply

Sigh. I believe every FIRST e-mail should be answered. Use auto-reply if you like, but to me that is the same as no response and a monumental cop-out. I take the time to read ads completely, including fantasy sections and blogs if available to get a better understanding of the woman in question. I respond only to those I think would like to talk or possibly be interested in me. I have responded to ads I have no business replying to - usually because I am overwhelmed by beauty or brains, or sometimes both and simply compelled to do so. This should be taken as a compliment and rewarded with a response, not ignored because I didn't fit your exacting criteria.

I take the time to write an imaginative and original reply to these ads and sometimes spend an hour or 2 on a single response if I feel a strong enough attraction. I take the time to proofread, re-read and rewrite until I feel I have the 'magic' post that many women seem to be looking for. Still, after all that time and effort, I get replies to maybe 1 in 4 posts, and that includes auto-replies.

I am sorry that men in general are so juvenile in their approach as to be offensive and are unable to accept rejection. Block them after refusing them or just do not read any further responses from that individual. Use the tools available to you. It is difficult to handle rejection sometimes but there are men man enough to swallow their pride and move on. It is more difficult for me to accept that you won't answer my original and well thought out response to your ad becasue neanderthal-boy called you a bad name or expressed to you disappointment that a connection wasn't made. I am sorry that replies to your ad by men interested in you creates you so much turmoil in your life that you may have to answer 'a couple hundred' e-mails, but I think you owe it to those of us that do it the right way to reply to each and every original response. I have to wonder for a moment here, are you getting a couple hundred responses a day or just letting them pile up - I believe it is the latter.

I am also sorry that these men have made it increasingly difficult for a 'nice' guy like me to find a compatible partner - but I'll keep trying depsite all this nonsense.

Yes, this is currently my main resource for dating and I do not apologize for that, as I have little time or inclination to go to clubs or bars seeking out some drunk girl who wont remember my name in the morning. I still keep my eye out for prospects in my daily life, but opportunities for me are few and far between at the moment. One day I'll hit the jackpot here (or out there) so to speak and find myself reading a response from a truly classy and respectful woman who realizes my response was indeed heartfelt and understands the lengths I went to just to capture her attention.

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