Another VERY BAD story  

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Another VERY BAD story

Without a word, my papi takes me by the hand and leads me into his punishment room. He orders me to put my hands out for him, which he then forcefully yet lovingly binds and ties over my head, leaving me helpless as he cuts open my fishnet top, freeing my breasts for him to caress and suckle. He continues this indulgent torture, alternately biting, nibbling, pinching, sucking, and kissing at my hard nipples until my pussy is soaking wet, dripping down the insides of my thighs. Finally, when I have begun to think he has no interest in my pussy, he reaches between my legs to feel my throbbing lips, thrusting his fingers inside of me again and again as I moan in pleasure, finally putting them inside my mouth for me to lick clean. Then he tells me that this is his pussy, and I belong to him to do whatever he wants with. I nod my head in agreement, saying "Yes, I know, Papi." Then he tells me that I need to prove it to him again by showing him how much I want to fuck him, and how I would be willing to endure all of his tests to ensure I am deserving of his dick and could truly appreciate it. I respond that I would do anything for him, to please him and make him happy.

Luckily for me, my torture on this occasion consists of punishment by over-indulgence, and my papi's plan for me is to make me cum so hard without even putting his dick inside of me that I think I will go out of my mind, until I am literally crying and begging for him to stop teasing me and give me his dick. He matter-of-factly tells me that I need to be a good girl, that this is all for my own good, putting clamps on my nipples and releasing my hands, making me bend over in front of him while he inserts a plug into my asshole and pulls my skirt completely off, my panties down around my ankles. He then pulls me naked over his lap and gives my ass a spanking for being such a bad girl, so nasty like a little slut. He tells me he knows full well that I am enjoying the clamps still on my nipples and the plug filling up my ass as I lay across his hard dick, as he humiliates me with my punishment. He tells me to make it up to him, and if I am such a slut, I should suck his dick like one right now, as I should always be a slut for him. So I fall to my knees and lick his cock up and down, taking it completely in my mouth and sucking it until he cums all over my face, with him grabbing me by the back of my head, holding me by my hair. My jaw sore, I feel so dirty and like such a bad girl as I lick the cum off of my face and fingers.

Next, my papi stands up and has me bend back over with my legs spread wide, as he takes my plug out and replaces it with an even bigger one. My pussy feels like it will explode, having his hands so close, but he makes me suffer by ignoring my need. He then ties me up against the door so that I am spread-eagled with all my limbs splayed out, tightly bound. Then he starts using a vibrator against my clitoris, his expert fingers finally exploring and pounding against the insides of my pussy until I am writhing in pleasure and anticipation. I beg for him to fuck me, so that I can feel him inside of me, close to me, this man that I adore. But he tells me that I haven't yet earned it. He then reveals my undoing; my favorite vibrator that hits my g-spot just right, as well as my clit. He knows exactly how to use it, and before long, despite my begging him alternatively to stop and not to stop, my body is racked with flooding orgasms as I squirt out all over the floor. Trying to catch my breath, standing in a pool of my own water, I am still begging for him to fuck me properly with his dick.

He unties me, tells me to get down on my hands and knees so that he can spank my naughty ass some more, telling me how spoiled I am, and how bad I am for making such a mess all over myself. Then he slaps his hard cock against my face, asking me why I am so greedy, that I'm such a bad, insatiable little girl, still wanting more. While I suck his cock, he tells me that I'm lucky I've been so good about taking my punishment this time, otherwise he might now be lining up his friends to fuck me in all my holes, or he might have to make me eat some other girl's pussy and then watch him fuck her, and later clean her pussy juice off of his cock, mixed with his cum. He reminds me again that he can do with me whatever he wants, as I am his babygirl and my pussy belongs to him. Finally, he bends me over and thrusts his dick deep inside of my hungry pussy, pounding against the plug still in my ass, and I moan in ecstasy. mmmmmm...... mi medicina!

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