A BAD day at the office  

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7/2/2006 11:47 am

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A BAD day at the office

I walk into my boss's office, just like I do every morning, first thing. "Good morning, sir, I made your coffee just how you like." Without taking his eyes off of his computer screen, he grasps his mug to take a sip, and nods in my direction. "Just right, as always, Ms. Jones. You're the only one who knows the secret recipe; you have a magic touch." He winks at me, not succeeding in holding back his smile, and slowly drinks me in from head to toe, like a chaser for his requisite black medicine. "I see you're doing well today, Ms. Jones; you're looking fine as always." I smile at him, blushing and waving his usual nonsense away as I turn to walk back to my desk and get to work.

"Wait one minute, Ms. Jones. I'm not done with you just yet. Close the door for a minute and come over here; I need to talk to you about something." Puzzled, I do as he asks and walk over to his desk, sitting on the corner of it with my legs crossed. "I want to discuss your wardrobe with you," he says, peering out at me over the top of his glasses, before taking them off. "You look good, so don't take this the wrong way, but it's just that you look TOO good, and honestly its becoming a bit distracting for me. See, when you lean over to help me correct the typos in my correspondence, your blouse hangs open a certain way, and I can't help but see your luscious little breasts. And I get intoxicated by the smell of your perfume, so that all I can think about is ripping your shirt off and sucking on your sweet butterscotch nipples. And then when you bend over in front of me, to file something, and you lean just so, I can nearly see the crack of your sweet little ass, and all I want to do is run my hands along your perfect legs, and not stop until I reach the top, feeling underneath your wet little panties." (I gasp here, shocked at his audacity, but he continues, undeterred...) "It's begun to be so that I almost think you are doing this on purpose, just to tease me. You wouldn't do that, would you, Ms. Jones?"

Hiking my skirt up so that it falls right at my crotch, and exposing my garter and thigh-highs, I dismount from his desk and straddle my boss's lap, trapping him between my thighs, his chair up against the wall. In the most innocent voice I can possibly manage, I tell him, "No sir, I think you must have been wrong about that, because if I was teasing you, I am quite sure that you would know it." Pausing to bite his earlobe and unbutton my blouse further, I add, "Like now. Clearly, I AM teasing you right now, sir. I am rubbing my hot wet pussy up against you, sir, with my titties all in your face, but I'm telling you that you cannot have it, because that kind of behavior would definitely be inappropriate for the workplace. And I'm far too professional for that. Now, I know that you don't want a sexual harassment scandal on your hands, so I suggest that you start working on a raise for me, and let's get back to work."

With that, I get off of his lap and turn around to his computer, my bare ass still in his full view. "I have a raise for your misbehaving ass, alright. Right here." And he grabs my hand and holds it firmly on the huge bulge in his pants. I gasp, exclaiming, "Sir, that is very naughty of you!! Anyone could walk in right now, and what would they say? You'd be fired! I have a better idea; let's finish working on this correspondence. I love when you give me dick-tation using those big long sexy words, it makes my pussy soooo wet!!"

So, as I lean over, typing at the computer, my boss unzips my skirt and pulls it down around my ankles, licking and fingering inside of me while I tell him about all the editorial changes I will have to make to his letter so that it is grammatically acceptable. After reading the revision back to him, as he makes my thighs wet with pussy drippings, he asks me if I'm ready for him to dick-tate the rest of the letter to me. Moaning in the affirmative, and backing my ass up with my legs spread out, I assure him that I LOOOOVVE dick-tation. With that, he slides his dick inside my hot little pussy, as he rambles off bullshit sentences like, "tell them things are kind of tight, right now. We are going to have to enter and exit (and enter and exit) several new foreign markets to open up and explore deep inside that virgin territory..... for our company on behalf of our stockholders. I think this is the beginning of a very favorable....working environment??.....Shit girl, why you been keeping this pussy from me??! Keep typing!! You better TAKE this dick-tation like a good girl!"

Just then, there is a knock at the door, and I jump under the desk, as he fumbles to put himself together. "Shit, is it already 10 o'clock?! I have the Schumman investors coming in for a meeting! Shit!," he mumbles. His guests come in and sit down, after shaking his hand, and my boss proceeds to give them an update, while I am trapped under his desk. In fact, I hear one of them ask, "Say, where's that cute little assistant of yours? I wouldn't mind coming in to work every day if I had that to look forward to." My boss chuckles uncomfortably, and sheepishly offers some lame excuse about my being out on an errand....

Not one to sit around bored, I decide to torture my boss further by sucking his cock, knowing it will be near impossible for him to retain his composure, and his failure to do so would be entirely catastrophic for his career. As I content myself to lick my pussy juice off of his beautiful cock, smiling in pleasure at his agony, I overhear the entire (boring) meeting. I decide not to allow him to cum, a) because I'm not done with him, and b) I don't truly want him to lose his job, not when things are just starting to get fun around here! I fight back my laughter as my boss struggles to contain his big hard cock when its time to close his meeting and show his guests out. I can tell he's getting pissed, because he keeps trying to slap me in the face with it As soon as I hear the door close, I know I'm in for it.

He yanks me up from under the desk, telling me how much trouble I'm in for pulling a stunt like that. He leans me over his desk and gives my ass a good spanking, not caring who hears it. Of course, I'm mortified that someone might come in and find me standing there in only my bra, garter, stockings, and high heels, being disciplined by my boss like a little girl. "You better watch yourself before I move you down there permanently, where I can keep an eye on you to make sure you stay your ass out of trouble. I didn't know you were such a BAD girl, Ms. Jones. Obviously I"m going to have to let you take this dick more often to keep your wild ass in line." With that, he picks up right where he left off, fucking me nice and hard from behind, while pulling my hair. Finally, when he's about to cum, he takes his lovely dick away from me, slaps me across the face with it, still wet from all my pussy juice, and cums all over my titties, as I lick it up off of my fingers. "From now on, Ms. Jones, you are to meet me here in my office for personal meetings as I see fit, be they before or after work, during work, during lunch; whenever. I will be requiring your assistance with a new project of mine that is going to involve your take a LOT more dick-tation from me."

[And this wasn't even mentioned in my benefits package when I got hired lol.]

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You can be my assistant anytime

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I wish I was able to read this on my birthday as it would have been a treat. Even now, it is still a nice thought. Please keep up the writing...

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