Kick off time!!!  

clitlikka46 58M
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6/11/2006 7:58 pm

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6/25/2006 6:13 am

Kick off time!!!

This is my 1st entry and I'm gonna keep it real, 4 sho, always. Check out a brotha's profile and if ya feelin me, let me know somethin'.

Ladies, this is for U, cause a brotha is curious about that mystical, magical "Y", touchin' that voluptuous "V" while takin a hit at the "G". Ya'll ain't feelin me on the Y, V, G are ya? Don't B readin' this sideways now, U gonna get lost and misconstrue where I wanna take ya.

Is the G-spot 4 real? Is it overrated? Have ya had the big "O". Let me know what cha thinkin'.


lookinms19572 59F

6/22/2006 4:33 am

Cute blog, and yes the "g" spot is real; but you have got to be the right person to "hit it correctly" and send a women into orbit. lol It's just like every time you get a nut; you know that feeling, well just magnify it 10 times and you have just hit a women's "g" spot.


prettypussy4004 87F

6/25/2006 3:44 am

While we are talking about how wonderful the G spot is let's remember there are still women who have never had a G-spot orgasm (or any other kind) or had them but due to surgery will never experience one again. Wow, that made me f@#cking depressed. I suffer from the second one due to a all I can say is thank GOD for the clit!

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