Heady Days and Penis Pictures  

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2/5/2006 2:17 am

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Heady Days and Penis Pictures

Got a title this time. Could that be why my first ramblings didn't get saved? I'm more relaxed about the loss after a good nights sleep.
Does it matter that my thoughts weren't seen by anyone else (who is this for.. a good question?). Isn't it enough that I picked at a thread and unravelled a strand of thought, made some sense from the whirrings of my mind. I got to read it...
...but it does matter; there were questions to a wider audience, a cry out to the invisible people, what does ROLF/ROIF mean? and the likes LOL - the only one I've figured out so far.

And more, the confessions, the choices and the as yet unkown...
...is there a word to describe people who aren't connected to the net? Harry Potter has Muggles for those that aren't a part of the magical comunity. Isn't this another magical, ethereal community? Is there a name for those within and those not?

A week from being connected and back to the days when I recorded my thoughts. Must admit that I was a little slow on the uptake...5 days until I realised that there's now porn on tap and went looking. And that led me to here, confident that all tastes are catered for.

But questions, still the questions;
Why are so many of the men's pictures of their members?
Are men more dyslexic than woman?...when the add photo bit says about letting other members see your pictures do the words get jumbled in men's minds?...let others see your member. Give your member a voice, let it talk with others.

Maybe women, discerning as they are, need to see a picture before accepting that it's a man. Sure, they like to see pictures of penis's (but aren't there sites better able to service this?)

Service.. that's why I love this language. So many punnable words and spelling can be optional.

A joke, the only one that I can remember without trying;

A woman walks into a bar and asks the barman for a double entendre...

...So the barman gives her one.

back to those shaft shots (illustrative illiteration - that's gonna be a lot of fun)
Maybe it's a natural selection thang..such images elicit the most responses.
It'll help the creative juices when flirting online.

Well I'm comfortable with posting a recent photo of myself but added a few shots of my member (taken yesterday morning) on the home page to show that I'm a male.
Actually I was quite disappointed to find that you had to record a video. I've a few nice clips of me masturbating (not so much wanking; more pleasuring myself manually). Guess I'll have to borrow a webcam.

8 days from unconnected to connected; now a blogger and almost an e-Xhibitionist.......

the result of a quiet weekend at home restoring the windows or of passing through the gateway to a whole new avenue of adventure?

Heady Days

sherbertdipdab 37M

3/24/2006 5:50 am

Well done. You write the blogs for yourself and for us voyeurs to peak in a little. And would like to see the shots of your member (or your member shoot) but I'm just a standard member.

Keep going. You'll make contact soon enough.

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