My ultimate fantasy(feel free to fufill it)  

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6/20/2006 10:04 pm

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7/13/2006 9:45 pm

My ultimate fantasy(feel free to fufill it)

My wife and I are entertaining one of her sexy friends, watching TV, just kicking around the house. I get up to go watch a game in the other room. While the game is on I I can hear them chatting up a storm, laughing and joking around. After a while the room goes quiet. No more loud talking. I wonder if they left but it's not like my wife to just up and leave. I think nothing of it at first...then the curiosity starts to bug me. I come out of the room to find both of them on the couch facing eachother masturbating. My wife (2 fingers on her clit) gives me a seductive look that I know means she wants me bad. I walk over to her, stiff cock in hand, and she starts to suck me slow and hard. Her friend rubs my calf with her feet and I feel like I'm going to explode at any moment. The next thing i know her lips are sliding up and down my wifes clit. I can' help but just stare. The friend grabs my dick and starts to stroke it while she fingers my wife. Now she has my WHOLE dick in her mouth and my wife is up licking my balls. I cum in notime and they take turns sucking every drip of it out of my throbbing cock. We all walk in the bedroom and my wife throws her friend on the bed and sticks two fingers in her pussy while she licks the back of her neck. I grab my wifes ass, spread the cheeks, and start to lick her asshole. After a few minutes i stop and just watch while i stroke my dick. They take turns licking eachother EVERYWHERE. My dick is stiff as a rock again. The girlfriend is fingering her pussy and moaning, my wife is busy getting her strap on ready. Her girlfriend grabs a condom puts it in her mouth and slides it on my cock. I've never appreciated a blowjob with a condom(what is the point) but she sucked my cock like it was candy while my wife banged her pussy from behind. We looked at eachother the way we did when we first met and the site of her fucking another woman has me so horny i can barely contain my self. My wife is giving it to her like a pornstar and makes her have the most amazing multiple orgasm I've ever seen. Now the friend wants the dildo in her ass. My wife lays down and lets her slide her tigght asshole onto the dildo facing forward. I take turns licking titties and fucking both pussys. My wife takes off the strap on and I slide my hard cock in her wet pussy and fuck her until she quivers. Her friend licks her titties then sits on her face. I finger her ass until she cums again. Now I'm on my back my wife has my cheeks spread licking my ass. Her friend is riding my dick and kissing on my neck and chest. I tell them I'm going to cum and her friend jumps off my cock, rips off the condom, and and lets me cum on her tounge. She spits the cum back on to my dick and they take turns slapping my dick on their tounges. Next thing I know they're at it again. Strap on, double dildos, kissing, titty licking, fingers up eachothers asses, the whole nine. I wake up in the morning to two sexy Boriquas cooking breakfast in my t-shrts and panties.

Orville18 40M
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6/24/2006 9:26 am

Sounds like fun. If wife wants a man let me know.

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