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10/26/2005 3:40 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

wrote by hubby.

On Saturday night, i saw my wife take a 10” cock all night long.Some people may think that was rather a stupid thing to do if you only have
7.5 in the love muscle department.The saying goes,Diamonds are a girls best friend,not if you saw the look on classy’s face at approx
11;45 pm.To put in male terms, England lifting the world cup on
the day you win the lottery & find out your wifes planning a sex show
for you with her 3 best friends!
I have always loved watchin classy have sex because of her
love of it.She came over 50 times on that cock and would of
come another 50 if i hadn’t wanted Sunday lunch.There were time’s
that i walked upstairs and left them alone fuckin downstairs, hearing my wife screaming out loud! “make sure you show your appreciation for that cock while im gone” i knew she would cum the second i said that.
Its all about feeling horny and manipulating those scenarios around you,
so the sex cannot fail because of the situation.I knew she fancied the guy, his cock was massive ect.To walk away and leave them to fuck
makes us both horny, it shows the sex is for her as much as me and
it gives a guy chance to be alone and fuck another guys wife.And lets
face it he wants to be better than the husband he wants to leave his
mark,why wouldnt’ he.That is the buzz,when i leave them alone he
is going to say “dirty things”.He is going to fuck her harder to make her
scream.And if you love some one, why wouldn’t you want to give them that.Its all about trust.When i came back and walked in the room she
came straight away,she was kneeling on the sofa being fucked really
hard.She was gripping hard with her hands and was having trouble taking his cock, she tried to look round but could not.I stood at the door
and just watched in amazment as the sex continued.She looked round
and said “thankyou for my cock babe”.Beats chocolates i suppose.
It was only then i realised, “it was up her arse”.I walked away again to
give myself and her the same buzz.
Many people could not do this because it takes a massive amount of
trust and honesty and you have to work hard for them.Guys i believe
most women never can let them self go sexually because of the situations you create.Show her respect and bring her sexual desires out slowly.If you want her to have sex with another woman then there are ways of doing it.She is naturally going to think you are only doing it so
you get to fuck the other bird or perve over her! So tell her you dont want to watch the first time! she is snookered, no response,”thats hard for a woman.Dont push to hard,took us 4 years of talking and role play!
Make her feel special and she will start to feel sexual,believe me !
Thats how we started and that was after being together for a cpl of years
with a set routine of sex.The day my wife came down in a short skirt &
high heels was the moment it all began.Fuckin blew me away.Dont ruin
it by thinking she is doing it for other guys attention, she will if you sit there with a raging hard on and say nothing.With in a month my wife had pierced tits and clit, blonde wigs, 30 pairs of high heels so many outfits it is mind blowing.All from my reaction to her.It then naturally grows except now we have no space left in the cupboards and instead
of bringing a new pair of shoes home,its a busty blonde with a piss fetish.If you gain trust then you can begin to experiment & believe me
this is where the real fun begins.Im telling you now that you don’t know
yourself or your partner till there are situations there that you are faced
with.But i dont want to get old and turn to my wife and say”darlin is there
anything you wish you had done”that scares me.Most people never really know their partner.Because they are scared of hurting them.Classy comes home and asks me “how many wanks, ive had”,what over.
“you’re friend Julie again”id say.Role play time.”cum fuck julie babe”
is her answer and vice versa of course! more to cum if ne 1 reads this.

shaun3471 46M

11/7/2005 7:49 am

Sounds like a marriage made in heaven. Simply amazing. Hope Julie was just as good. lol.

shaun3471 46M

11/7/2005 7:52 am

Your marriage sounds amazing . Must be where i went wrong. Hope Julie was a good fuck aswell. lol

classyblonde999 53F

11/10/2005 1:14 pm

fantastic marriage and julie loves sex especially anal! cheers

shaun3471 46M

11/13/2005 6:58 am

mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Now ya teasing.

letmeeatu4hrs 52M

11/13/2005 2:07 pm

Not married and dont think I would want to share...but gosh this made me so hard!! And she IS so absolutely classy!!!

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