my true stories.  

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10/26/2005 3:44 am

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my true stories.

I saw this guy and he really turned me on physically, I then walked by him and smelt his aftershave which made me even hornier than I all- ready was. As soon as we made eye contact I knew instantly that we were going to fuck.
I decided sooner rather than later, and went over to him, looked into his eyes and held my hand out beckoning him to come with me. There was no words needed and we did
Not speak a single word, as we walked to the beach and found a spot to be alone.
I rubbed my hand over his cock which was longing to be released out into the open
and for me to play , so I pushed him onto his back on the sand and pulled my knickers to a side looking straight at him as I took the full length of his cock inside me, almost coming the second it went all the way up. I rode his cock hard, coming
about 10 times before he groaned and shot his spunk deep inside my welcoming pussy. I slowly got off his cock so we could both watch his cum soaked cock come
Out of me in the moonlight. I looked down to see a mixture of my wetness and his cum covering his stomach, then leaned forward kissed and thanked him for his cum
Before going back into the club , feeling very pleased with myself especially
When I felt the cum starting to drip down my legs as I walked round the club!

Talk dirty for me

I love talking dirty and tonight was no different to any other. I had a guy who jolted every time I told him cheekily how much I enjoyed cocks. He would not even go to the bar for another drink in case I started talking to some one else. I decided to really tease him, I reached down and rubbed his cock softly and winked at him while pouting my lips, this drove him crazy he shuddered as I felt the outline of his cock to make sure it was worthy of me playing with it, I decided to put him out of his
Misery telling him to “wait out side the club, and I would suck him off and then swallow his spunk” that would then leave him to enjoy the rest of his night.
I told him to meet me outside in 10 minutes at a certain place ,he was on time but looked in a daze, I knelt down ripped his jeans open and took the full length of his cock in my mouth in one movement, it felt so fuckin horny and that was made even better by the fact that he pumped his hot cum all down my throat and onto my face on the first suck ,”fuck he must have been turned on because he just kept coming which made me put my finger inside my pussy bringing myself off. I thanked him for his
Cum and went inside like the cat that got the cream, which I was!!

Loo’d conduct
I saw this guy looking at me from across the bar, and I knew it was more than a passing glance, he was very attractive and he was in luck as I was horny, well when
Wasn’t I horny?
I had actually forgotten about him when later on I saw him coming out of the male toilets, moved quickly and pushed him back into the toilet, then manoeuvred him into a cubicle. I passionately kissed him feeling his cock rub against me, hard. He pulled his cock from his trousers and I saw it bounce up and down which made my
Moist pussy wet, very wet. I then sat him down on the toilet climbing instantly
On to his lovely cock, slowly moving up and down on his shaft coming loudly
all the time, leaning forward sticking my tongue in his mouth which made him rip my blouse open and suck hard on each nipple in almost animal fashion
He then sucked my neck and finally gave in to his massive cum as squirt after squirt of hot cum was milked from him by my expert pussy movements. Sucking the cum from his now semi cock made me smile and walk away grinning yet again!

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11/11/2005 3:08 am

Classy you sound. look and talk beautifully. Really wish you were my next door neighbour. What i would do to touch, taste or smell you, what a lady!!!! xxxx

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