You Already Know This ...  

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12/14/2005 3:22 am

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You Already Know This ...

Do I dare state the obvious? Heh heh heh - most of you who view this blog have gotten to know me in the groups; of COURSE I do!

Okay, so there are few things we should all know but apparently SOME of us need a reminder. And yes, I'm talking about our favorite subject on AdultFriendFinder.


When you're sucking the cock, there is more to it than just pushing it in your mouth. There is a reason it's called sucking. Okay, this is crude, but you have to hear it sometime or another. And move up and down. I know some of you suck on your fingers. Sucking cock is similar. Use your tongue, move up and down on it. And I know it's called a blow job, but don't actually blow, it's not a balloon. No matter how small it is it will not inflate to a larger size. And one more thing about giving head,don't bite. Just tease with the edges of your teeth gently, if at all. If you have dentures (some do, you know) PLEASE remove them. Otherwise a painful bite is likely to occur, and you won't enjoy it as much either.

If you like playing with his balls, remember they are very sensitive. Treat them gently. An easy touch is erotic. Clutching them like your purse in a dark alley can produce serious injury and is extremely painful. I know they are called nuts, but for God's sake, don't try to crack them!

And I don't care how clean you are and how well you have washed your puss, believe me, if you haven't douched lately, you are not clean. No guy worth taking to bed is going to come right out and tell you your package stinks, but if you don't douche regularly, trust me; it does.


As far as eating pussy is concerned, a lot of us haven't a clue. You should know where where the clitoris is, but just attacking it is not enough. Make sure your fingers are wet with either her secretions or a suitable lubricant first. You can chafe it, and she will NEVER let you near her again. In fact she'll probably throw you out of bed, and she should. Using your fingers while you give her head is usually desired, though she may not ask. If she doesn't want it she'll tell you. Accept it and thank her.

Speaking of using your fingers; if you do, make sure you aren't just shoving them in and out. There are areas inside the vagina that are sensitive, and you want to CAREFULLY AND SKILLFULLY work these areas. Know where to find the G-spot.(Yes, it really exists.) Have you even heard of the T-spot? If you don't know where everything is and are embarrassed to ask, Google some female genital anatomy charts and diagrams. Find out. Read the material about the G-spot, T-spot, and others that tells you what kind of stimulation works. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

If you like paying a lot of attention to her boobs, please be easy. Don't maul and paw them, and never EVER squeeze them too tightly. Remember what I told the ladies about being careful with our balls? Well, almost the same situation exists with her breasts. Be advised the aureole (that bumpy colored area that surrounds the nipple) is sensitive to touch too, and licking and kissing it as well as the nips will be appreciated. Some women are more uneasy and insecure about their breasts than others, so respect her wishes if she doesn't want a lot of time spent on them.

Don't just jam your tongue in his/her mouth like you were plunging a toilet. Learn a little finesse. A good rule of thumb is that if it feels disgusting to you, it may well be to them too. Think what you would dislike about it and what to change to make it better, then do the same for your partner.

There is no reason there should ever be such a thing as bad sex.

rm_texasmermaid 46F
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12/14/2005 12:59 pm

well thank goodness you told em !!

Its a good thing

I was getting ready to


Babel__Fish 45F

12/15/2005 10:17 am

Well thanks for the tips although I already knew them

One other thing that can be helpful to giving a man a high quality blow job is having a ponytail in your hair. My Master will use my ponytail to regulate the speed that leaves my hands free and gives support at my head. With him doing this I can hold his cock with one hand being careful not to touch his uncircumcised head with my teeth with using my tongue on the underside of his shaft, then I can use my other hand to caress his balls.

Nice post hot stuff!

Babel {=}

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