The Summer Blahs  

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7/16/2005 12:59 am

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The Summer Blahs

Summer is a time of vacations. This is the time of year when we go fishing and camping. It's also time for outdoor exercise, things like bike riding, swimming, walking and hiking,playing baseball or volleyball, and all those other sporty doings. Sometimes, it's nice just to feel the warmth and/or the sunshine, doing things like picnics and open-air concerts. Gosh, summer's fun!

Except I'm here in this apartment most of the time and even if I could go I'm often too occupied with personal life stuff. Damn. Here I am inside or at best on my porch most of the time, watching the rest of this town have fun. That sucks.

The temperature is only in the mid-nineties right now. We've had clouds and a weak cool front, so we aren't getting many of the 100+ days that are common here in July. We had a few and I'm glad they didn't become a long string. Thank goodness my apartment has central air. It's cool in here.

The pest control guy was in not long ago for maintenance spraying. I seldom see a roach. They die when they get in here. I noticed there are a few around. We have woods around three sides of us. The flies were a problem for a couple of weeks too. And the mosquitoes are a concern at times. Part of the joy of living in the southern United States, I guess. but they don't get in very often. Oh, and the woods have skunks. sometimes at night - peeeeuuuuuw!

Hmmm. Maybe being inside isn't such a bad deal. Not that I never get out. But perhaps there's a lot to be said for the advantages of the great indoors. I DO go to meetings and am about to start back with singings at the nursing homes soon. I think maybe I (I know this won't apply to you guys) need to appreciate the good things I have. Perhaps I should be grateful instead of gripey. I think this deserves another think. You think?

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