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10/20/2005 1:03 pm

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Where is the happy place everyone wants to be in?

I have seen so many lately going through great sorrows, unhappiness, and disruptions, both on-site and IRL. Chaos rears its head and we get in a real funk, and wonder why we can't find "real" happiness; you know, the lasting kind.

I believe lasting happiness is a myth. What is needed is a place of peace and contentment, where our satisfaction is based on our life overall, as a whole. That is easier to examine and "fix" than being happy. Happy is an elation that cannot be sustained. A single incident or disappointment can take it away. Contentment is more to the point of counting one's blessings. If you count enough of them, you find satisfaction to some degree even after the shit hath hit the fan.

A pressing UNhappiness, on the other hand, is another matter. This must be dealt with. The best way is to talk to others, friends as much as possible, and let them encourage and cheer you. If you are hearing how bad they have things, you can at least no you are not alone, that others feel the same things, and that they DO get better, for you as well as them. Peace about life in general will always be more solid than mere happiness. It is built upon a more solid base.

My happiness levels have not been real great the last couple of months. But I have found, this year, more of a satisfaction with life and a peace with who I am. This has carried me through financial crises, shifting relationships, and health issues. I still have problems, but they are only that, not a terminating disaster.

Happiness is great, mind you. I take all the happiness I can get, and so should you. I wish you a lifetime of happiness. But Mire than that I wish you the contentment of a satisfying and fulfilling life. Really, I do. Because if you have contentment, happiness comes much easier.

rm_texasmermaid 46F
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10/24/2005 8:22 pm

I am sitting here excuse any miss spellings! I cant belive I just read this crossroads in life..
You are truly gifted!

I wish to always have you as a close friend.....

*buckets* of Love and Splashes~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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