Good to be Published; Better to be Paid.  

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Good to be Published; Better to be Paid.


Canis domesticus: loyal dog; man’s best friend;
Beat him, curse him, starve him, lock him in a pen;
Then desert him, run him off; he'll love though thus abused,
But the poor beast thus served will never trust again.

.....[i/]from[i/] Thoughts of Darkness, Heart of Pain

After 44 years of desiring it but wasting time, I am finally published, and am on the inventory of three of the biggest booksellers in the country. It has been a dream since I was 10. I'm prejudiced, but I really think it is an exceptional book of mostly dark poetry.

I also recently wrote a BDSM fantasy piece (Rather superficial, I fear) and submitted it to a popular bondage site that pays in memberships. It was accepted and is posting in two sections, with three months premium membership paid for each section. Cash equivilant of the sale: about $120.

I'm not downplaying my acceptance by a publisher and the subsequent placement of my work with such outlets as Barnes and Noble, mind you. It's wonderful. But I intend to write short fiction (now that I have published work to show as a track record) while I am working toward another book. I'm glad my poetry is out there, but poetry traditionally is not profitable. It is for the soul, not the pocketbook. I am ready to live off my writing, if I can. Why should I be limited to what I can do with a small check, when my imagination can make a more comfortable life for me? At least, I hope it will.

Having a fixed income is a bitch. Now the glorious State of Texas has decided they want a piece of even this small income. Well, pardon me, but FUCK THAT! I am free of a 30-year writer's block, and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit idle with it. Being published by an honest-to-God publisher is really ego-building. But it will be even better to be able to have a bit of cash with it. Having IRL financial success by doing something you love has got to be one of the headiest trips there is. I'm about to try to find out for sure.

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