And Time Passes On  

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2/17/2006 4:31 pm

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And Time Passes On

I recently turned 55. I can't help but look back on the changes I have seen in my life so far.
When I was a boy nice girls didn't. In the 70's nice girls might, with a commitment or disrcetion. Now nice girls do; careful girls don't; the smartest and most attractive girls are lesbians, so you guys can forget it.
When I was young, a computer took up a large room. Corporate computers took an entire floor. Government computers had their own building. You could have a working computer for as little as 25K, or 125K in today's dollars. Now it costs two weeks' pay for a laptop with almost as much power as NASA had when we went to the moon.
In my youth, retirement plans were important considerations, and you wanted to choose a job with a company that would give a good pension plan after your 40-year career with them. Now a good retirement plan is essential. You have to put it together for yourself, though, since the average employment with any company is less than twelve years. Unless, of course, you're in congress.
When I was a lad, DWI (DUI, now) got you a ticket. Burglary got you time in prison. Murder got you executed. Now, burglary gets you probation and restitution; murder gets you prison time; DUI gets prison time, fines, AND parole time, or execution if someone riding and drinking with you gets killed.
Back then, the average Joe owned a $25-35,000 home. Today the average homeowner has a $120,000 home. It's the same house that would have cost $35,000 in 1960.
When I was 10, black people had separate bathrooms, taxis, and cars on trains. They had to eat behind the kitchen in small restaurants and were encouraged to go to their own instead. They had separate schools, most of which were in a serious state of disrepair. Now they are employers, teachers, congressmen, authors, starring actors and singers, and marry, work, go to school, and play with white people. This was a good change that was at least 85 years overdue. It has made for a richer society today than what we had in the past and has caused us to finally comprehend the principle of societal equality.
You can turn back the clock, but that calendar only goes forward. There have been a lot of changes, more than I can mention here. Some of you who are young will understand about change in a few years. They will continue to come. I have seen science fiction come true before my eyes. Space does not permit discussion of cars, TV, Movies, video games, and other things both marvelous and commonplace.
Who knows what things we'll see in another 36 years?.

Babel__Fish 45F

2/18/2006 3:21 am

Kind of scary if you have kids huh? The way the world is head....


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