A Real Gas... or lack of it.  

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8/30/2005 12:31 am

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A Real Gas... or lack of it.

Okay, so this has nothing to do with sex or love or even the site. But this has got to stop some time. I'm talking about these rising gas prices!

We need an aggressive and realistic energy policy! We've needed it since the Carter administration, and NONE of our congressmen or presidents has made the least attempt. They've done just what was necessary to get the public off their backs without changing anything. The fact is, we CANNOT rely on foreign oil any longer.

We have let the radical nitwit wing of the environmental interests dictate our EPA policies. While it may be nice to preserve nature, I don't want to enjoy it from the front door of my cave while I pray for lightning to provide fire to cook with and hope I can find a few wild roots and herbs fit to cook. We need to drill more offshore, and in the Alaska preserve. And we need to build refineries, several. We haven't built one since the mid-1980's.

In the meantime, we need to fund programs to quickly develop cars that give a lot of power and look decent while using alternative fuels. Ethanol is good, but it is mixed, requiring some oil. We need cars of the above type that can be serviced and built inexpensively, that can be bought and maintained cheaply and easily, using cheap, renewable fuels. And national law should insure the price of operation STAYS low.

There are several good energy sources available that our NASA technology could (maybe) make possible.
* Electric - Not a hybrid, the real deal, with plenty of power and the ability to travel the distances between towns without refueling.
* Solar Power - Don't laugh. Combined with a decent electric battery, it would be workable.
* Steam - It was around before the gasoline engine, but internal combustion's popularity caused it's demise. Maybe we should look at it again.

All I know is that we run on gasoline. The cost of moving goods across the country is rising too swiftly. This will increase the price of everything. It is an economy-buster.

But nothing will change, unless and until a full scale economic collapse. You will pay whatever is asked without an angry letter to Exxon or Shell, without a letter to your congressman promising to vote him out for not pushing true energy independence. True, they'll laugh at your letter. They may smile at the next fifty. By 100, 200, 300, the smile would be gone. 5000 or more scares them to death.

Enjoy your first tank of $4/gallon gasoline. Coming soon to a self-service near you.

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