slow train a cummin  

ckrs2no 40M/40F
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3/14/2006 7:00 am
slow train a cummin

four twenty she comes a rollin in
high roller with nothing to lose
been dreaming for at least 20 minutes
long day and a great day in the aggregate
i think i was still dreaming
when she started to lick it
forgot to, swore not to, left the groceries
burned the pillow with a smoke
kicked the dog to make a little room
rubbed a leg and felt the dawn
aroused for the second time
felt the curls, and the steam
a bird in the hand brushing the bush
roll over nice and slow
let my head graze your lips
as i kiss, suck and squeeze your tits
the rythem and ryme as i begin to insert
it feels so good takes away the hurt
you flex so hard from the inside
i try to hold on tight, prepare for the ride
you go up and down, then you wrangle around
no deeper can i go, bending the walls
you like it when your clit hits my balls
you cum once or so then i flip you
now i am ready to go cmon baby lets screw

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