satisfied, pacified  

ckrs2no 40M/40F
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2/4/2006 12:35 pm

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5/29/2006 1:36 am

satisfied, pacified

finders keepers losers weepers
jeepers creepers
my favorite words i came
to get your phone number
the beginning and end of you and me
the metamorphosis of us
this thing called love
i miss my remote
i cant compete to keep you
but i hold my own
an humble body
ive seen hot
turn me on
transfuse life
all i can give you is my need
be my fix
make me shake
call off the earthquake
rock me off the scale
you scream i scream
life is a dream
who do i thank

darcon71 45M

2/7/2006 8:57 am

so this guy at work asked me about blogs
i tried to explain it to him
now it occcurs to me its like the ditoriol page
in the newspaper but you get it in seconds or minutes
not days or weeks, (jimi frye)
sad fact is, he says his letter s's funny
and he did have to live in the upton district
sadly not like oprahs story about bigger
it wasnt fiction, it was a good read
who do you thank, who are you
who do you you know and why do you care
you care about people and it makes you perfect
you care about blame it makes you flawed
we are so far from perfect and the word
gives us strngth and confidence
cumming, being AWAKE, feeling good, seratonin
adrenaline, caffeine, nicotine and no more fiend
aint life grand when it is soft and quiet
aint life grand when it kicks as and rocks
dont you know why the reptiition
do i have to tell you it is junk
once upon a time, i could be myself
once upon a time you could control yourself
once upon a time she was put on a shelf
once upon a time he was put in hell, shh.
never again no never again

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