let the good times roll  

ckrs2no 40M/40F
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4/5/2006 8:13 pm
let the good times roll

will the rain wash away my seeds
or help them grow, will there be an answer?
how will i know, the lighning flashes
the drizzle comes gently, it still washed away
those seeds in the middle, like a creek
so lets go on down to the river
abby loves it, her daughter is hooked,
her son is on his way down to the rocks
to see what the pier is all about
the shoes are now muddy and smiles
are all around, my queen sits calmly and
so excited she cant help but tell me
it is the best time she has ever had
i always think tied with many,
get it by the head, put your beer down
these are good times, a high of 46F degrees
buying a bunk bed is a hell of a lot
better than being stuck with a bag of bunk
but everyone has seen his aunt lately

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