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6/6/2006 2:46 am

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Life as it is called by most is a frantic scrambling towards death. We all suffer the same indignities pains and loss, so what is our hurry. Some crave glory some fame some just want to escape. These are all futility for none hold answers, none hold truth. What are we but the sum of our parts. What can we hope to accomplish with what we are. Truth and hope can only be found in happiness be it for now or forever. Happiness in who and what we are not what people tell us we should be not in what the world wants but in and of ourselves.This is the only truth the only reality what you want hope and dream. This is all that will save, being truthful to what you are. What you can be. live love be these are the only truths anyone tells you elsewise lies.

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6/6/2006 5:34 am

Very true!

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