Sluts not for me  

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11/30/2005 11:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sluts not for me

I like ta go form a suck, ta a fuck just ta catch me a nut/ But I can't halla at a girl if she act like a slut/ They try ta halla' at me and bounce like switches in a truck/ But I can't help it if I'm like, girl shut that shit up/ How many dicks been slid up inta' ya' butt/ I might be a nice guy take ya' out and just make ya' moan/ Kick back relax, and sit on my thrown/ I don't give a fuck if you go straight ta' the dome/ But if I hear bout lickin' pussy I'll be sendin' ya' home/ I'll call ya' ass a taxi tell ya' ta' pay the way/ If it was really like this I'd do it everyday/ Don't get me wrong I'd love me a freaky queen/ But for this dick, and only this will she feign/ If ya' step in my house, and smell somthin' mixed with the green/ It's probably cause I'm smokein' and makein' some pussy clean/ I know it sounds mean I can't handle a slut though/ I hope I didn't put your panties up in a rut hoe/ I'm just not the kinda' nigga' that likes me a camel toe/

To be continued

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