so many parties so little time  

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9/12/2005 6:58 am

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so many parties so little time

hey name is steve i just put this up because imm interested to know how different people party. ive heard some people consider sitting around a table with a couple friends partys. then again ive heard some people like to invite people they dont know so they can fuck them and its got no string attache. i myself have had many types of partys. im in college now so my party experience has changed a bit. but in highschool i threw many partys and im sure u remmeber those highschool partys u went to. i was the popular kid always hosting cause the rents wernt around. my first one everyone called a "banger" it was givin this name for the large number of people who were coming. it was like one of those things u see in movies where they throw out flyers out around school and everyone is like hell yea. 300 kids in my small three bedroom house. it was a great time broken doors sex in the bathroom and of course the light weights pukeing out in the snow

2nd type of party thrown close friends and all the girls we could find. i always loved these partys because unlike in college gurls when they are in highschool cannot consume alcohol it is the funniest thing i have probably ever seen. they get all rediculously giggly and rolling around on the ground and some times they even piss themselves really its unbelieveable but creates a great time for sex. im sry for any of you reading this if that offends u but it does get much easier when the gurl is all giddy and wants to be fucked. that night by the fire was funny in a way for me. and i hope that u find this comical because at first i was pissed but i look back and see how funny it is. this gurl who was interested in me drank a bit too much and it was late so i told everyone im goin off to bed. but the gurl begged me not to go to bed she wanted me to stay up with her which made me quite excited but unfortunately for me her hornyness (lack of a real word) didnt last very long because shortly after insertion the poor gurl passed out. of course she was up for all the foreplay lol. ne waysthat ended that for the night cause im no and the mood was killed by the snoring.

3rd party and i hope that im not too wordy for you but this wasmy most common one and i have to write this. this was my party where i invited my friends and then some female friends of ours usually a small number of people and we play drinking games ,which i love, such as kings, quarters,flip cup, beer die, and beirut. and i hope u know what beirut is if u dont and you read this please ask me cause it is possibly the most fun drinking game ever.

well thanks for letting me share my partying with u and please leave me some of your funny stories about drinking, or how you party, and if you have any fun drinking games i might not know about id love to hear it from yea.


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