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7/17/2005 9:32 pm

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What to do

Ok, I was out today with my brother and his gf for a little bit. WE were at this local tavern. A very cute friend of my brothers came in and after ahile he and i began talking and laughing about things he, my brother and i had done when we were younger. He begins getting very touchy feeley and i will admit, i am very attracted to this guy. I was very excited by his touches and this confused me a little because of the friendship. To add to the mix i also have a current FWB that i am very happy with sexually, although i dont get to see him as often as i'd like to.We are both single people, our schedules just conflict. Also, i had sex with another guy while seeing this current FWB.I told him about it before we had another encounter, his(FW response was if i had truly wanted him i would not have had sex with another guy. I would consider that remark true if we had agreed to being exclusive with eachother, we hadnt. I thought i was doing a good thing by telling him about what happened. After today i just dont know! I guess after all of that, what i am asking is, for those of you out there with FWB,how do you handle it? Do you talk about exclusivity or is it just an unspoken rule?Do you have multiple FWB's and they all know of eachother? I'm a horny woman and i need more than i an getting but i dont want to lose a friend.

rm_lick62264 51M
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7/18/2005 1:03 pm

Good questions. I was seeing a FWB earlier this summer, and due to the distance we both agreed to let things develop without making a commitment. I encouraged her even to date others closer to where she lives. We live two hours apart, so once a week is the most we could find time for. I would recommend open communication though with any FWB regarding commitment to being faithful or not. Should you ever want to talk, feel free to say hello. I'd be happy to send you pics as well.

rm_1echo166 51M

7/18/2005 10:04 pm

Cindy, I'm kind of fuzzy on the whole FWB thing... but I want your input on something else... I've read your posts and think you have your head together. As a 39-year-old guy who has been married 14 years am I looked at with scorn by women on this site. I would like a discreet relationship-- i guess is the word-- Maybe NSA... maybe just defined as enjoyable time (sex or not, but sex would be good)... but I see so many women talking about Mr. Right and etc. I think that perhaps this is not the placefor that, this is the place for something wild, abit crazy something us 39-year-olds might need at this point, but also something that won't bring other parts of our lives crashing down. I don't know... am I nuts

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7/20/2005 6:23 am


I'm in the same boat. I'm 46 and married. Unlike you I'm not looking for sex, just an attractive female friend to write to and talk with. I've gotten no respnse from the women I've contacted and believe, like you, that this just isn't the site for me.

lickyourpassion 44M
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7/26/2005 3:22 am


That had nothing to do with your situation. No wonder they aren't having any luck here. FWB is cool, but it is best (I have found) not to tell about things that happen. It is usually understood that you do other things, but guys (especially guys, but girls too) don't like to hear it. Most guys have a screwed up opinion that "once she has me, she won't want anything else". Twisted, but most guys think like that. Anyway, it is best not to mention it. Let the puppy think you have never had another dog, even though you gave him a collar with Spot engraved on the tag and his name is Rover. HMB anytime.

Oh, and if you want me to go into my problems, frustrations, etc...come to my blog (where they belong). Was that too critical?

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