I like it like that  

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7/18/2005 9:56 pm

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I like it like that

In bed, we lie naked, side by side. Both tired and wanting to fall asleep. I press closer against your body, burning in its heat. And just as my eyelids lower, I feel you stroke your cock against my ass.

"I thought you were too sleepy for that tonight," I mumble.

"I am sleepy," you laugh quietly. "But I just couldn't resist. Some things are more urgent than sleep."

I start to roll over to face you, but you hold me in place, with one arm around my waist. I don't resist... I know what you want. Originally, it was my idea to try anal sex. You were hesitant the first time, but now you can’t get enough. And I have to admit that I love it too! Your cock in my ass always gives me the most intense orgasms... but there's something more to it. Getting fucked in the ass is so... raw and primitive! And dirty! Dirty sex always turns me on.

As I feel the head of your cock pushing at my asshole, I moan, "Hold on babe." I pull away from you long enough to grab the KY out of the drawer. "Here, smear some of this on my asshole, first," I insist.

"Uh, sorry, sugar. I was so fucking excited that I forgot."

"And grease that fat cock of yours too if you want any of this tight ass," I order you teasingly.

"Oh shit! I can hardly get any out. I think we used it all up last time I fucked your ass,"you say, tossing the nearly empty tube across the bed where it lands in front of me.

"Let's try anyway," I tell you, feeling an undeniable urge to be ass-fucked.

You grab my cheeks and spread them open. I suck in my breath as I prepare to take thick, hard pleasure deep into such a naughty place.

"Nice and slow, okay, baby?"

"I'll fuck your ass anyway it pleases me," you growl just behind my ear, striking a match that lights my fire.

"Mmm, fuck me! Fuck me, lover!"

You reach around and poke your finger into my mouth. I suck greedily on it for as long as you'll let me. Then you remove the wet digit, work it between my cheeks, and pop it into my ass.

"Oh god! Move it around; thrust it in and out!" I pinch my nipples as you finger my asshole, and then I close my eyes as I lose myself in wantonly pleasurable sensations.

When you work another finger in beside the first one, I scream out, "Shove it all the way up my ass, you fucking bastard!" It makes my pussy ache and throb with need to say something so nasty. I don't normally talk this way during sex... but when you want to get down and dirty and fuck my ass... well, those words just spurt out of me like hot cum shooting out of my lover's cock.

Instead of acting on my obscene suggestion, you leave me frustratingly empty as yoou pull away from my hot body, and leap to your feet. You come around to my side of the bed with renewed energy, looking wild! I squeal when you grab me by the hair as if you were a Neanderthal, and tug me to the edge of the bed! You yank my body up against yours! My caveman is breathing hard, and looking at me as though he's intent on devouring me. I've seen you like this before, and there's no reasoning with a man when he's behaving like a lustful savage.

I wait for you to bite my lips or lick my neck, but instead you turn me around and shove me face down onto the bed. I gasp with surprise, but then I lick my wickedly smiling lips as I realize that your fucking-beast has taken over.

You hold me down with your hand on my round ass as if I might actually attempt to escape. With my face buried in the sheets and my tits smashed against the mattress, I inhale and exhale at an alarming rate. Partly because of my increasing excitement, and partly because of the rough man-handling you just gave my body. My legs dangle over the side of the bed, with my feet several inches from touching the floor. In this position, I feel deliciously vulnerable, decadently submissive, and delightfully fuckable!

Without warning, you plunge your cock into my pussy. The head pops effortlessly into my hole. It's then I realize how wet I am. I grunt as your thick shaft follows with a little difficulty. I'm soaked in no time from all the vigorous thrusting. You drive it deep, to the hilt, and then pull it out dripping, and run it along my pussy flesh, up to my asshole.You spread my cheeks and rub the puckered opening with your cock, and then dip it back into my hot honey pot several more times. Each time lubricating my asshole more and more until it's ready to take your thick slab of meat.

I clutch the sheets and dig my long nails into the fabric as I feel my puckered, little hole being stretched wide to accommodate you. Finally, you're in where you belong. My ass always yields to you... eventually.

Having you behind me, fucking my ass doggy-style, and thinking how dirty it must all look, is almost enough to make me cum. I grind my partially impaled ass back against your cock, hoping my urgency will cause you to drive harder and deeper into my tight, gripping flesh. But you penetrate me slowly, with just the head at first. Then you burie your entire length inside until I feel hairy balls kissing my pussy.

"Mmm... Don't move, baby," I whisper with a husky voice into the sheets. I want you motionless for a moment. I want to feel you. I'm so close to cumming just feeling my soft ass impaled on your huge hard on.

You dont wait for very long, though... you have to move, and I know why. My tight, squeezing ass, its heat, the vulgarly sexual way your thick meat looks shoved deep into my ass, is too much for you.

I moan loudly as you start thrusting in and out with long, hard strokes, driving me crazy. Your fucking makes me feel like a wild animal. I'm sweating and panting from the intensity! My whole body is on fire.You pound into me, and lean forward to bite at my soft shoulders, sending a thrill throughout my body and mind. And when your hands find their way up under me, one at my clit and one on a protruding nipple, I begin to whimper. It's almost more than I can stand. It just feels too good! You rub my clit firmly and roughly pinch my nipple, never moving your teeth away from my shouldeers and neck. I feel as if I might pass out from over-stimulation, but I hang on to my crumpled sheet as I burst into an explosive orgasm.

Your body reacts to me cumming, and it fuels your own orgasm. The sexy, primal sounds of a female climaxing, and seeing your cock swallowed up by my ass, is all you need to shove you over the edge and force you to erupt inside me. I clench my ass tightly and pump your cock until I feel you go limp.

We're both exhausted when you finally pull yourself out and collapse beside me on the bed.You crawl back to your spot and rest your head on the pillow. You sigh with contentment and take my hand encouraging me to move closer to you. I curl up beside my lover and whisper, "I like it like that," before falling asleep.

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yeah... I'm speechless.


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