Last night on IMC (the pic isn't me)  

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7/14/2006 4:53 am

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Last night on IMC (the pic isn't me)

I had a late meeting last night so it was approaching midnight before I got online.

Sometimes I just like to wait and see who pages me and if they look interesting have a chat. I was paged by a CD in Switzerland and thought it might be interesting.

He was charmingly polite, looking for a mistress to obey. I'm not really into that sub/dom stuff but I told him to get hard and wank himself. He asked me where I wanted him to cum! I said his hand would be fine and he should rub it in his stomach. I think he enjoyed himself - he sent me a pic which I've attached for verification.

Was I meant to get turned on by him following my instructions? Can someone explain please?

Then I chatted to a young lez in the UK but she disappeared when I tried to move the chat beyond her saying "I'd love to put my fingers in your pussy"

Did have an all to brief quality chat with a gorgeous blonde goddess in Sweden though before it got too late.

Maybe tonight will be better?

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