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7/13/2006 7:38 pm

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long week

This has been a long week. I have spent countless hours in depostions, which is lawyer speak for boring sessions listening to people lie under oath. Imagine being in a room with 4 attorneys and thier clients for two days discussing the ins and outs of buying and selling a house. I wanted to jump off a building! Found out last night there is already trouble in paradise from the trial on monday over custody - the baby daddies parents are not happy and have bene calling my client. Looks like we will press criminal charges. These kids need to understand that they will have the next 19 years or so together until the child reaches 21 so they better get along or have a lot money for liars, I mean lawyers.

Today one of my Immigration clients decided he did not need to come to court - too bad for him, the judge ordered him deported.

To make the days more bearable I went to my normal spot and had quite a few drinks while chatting up the ladies. For the most part it was entertaining. I have not yet convinced myself to take the next step and have one night stands even though it seems it is pretty easy to do. Maybe I am crazy or too hung up on the ex. or all of that southern baptist upbringing. I do not know. I am think I am ready for that, but every time I do fuck someone I feel a little strnage afterwards. Anyway maybe I should sign off.

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