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One of the great things about a blog is the ability to post your inner most thoughts and feelings with out really having to tell anyone. You can write about your family, friends and relationships without any real fear that they will find out, or that you secrets will become public. It is almost like a free therapy session.

This is on of two that I have. Clearly, I have given enough information that I can be tracked down ‒ after all that is the point of AdultFriendFinder isn’t it? My second one has very little identifying information on it, but I could be found out if you really wanted to look.

This brings me to my point. As I have written I read other blogs, in particular, the girl with a one track mind. Despite the title, it is not only a sex blog, but also has her observations of life. She has been writing for a few years now and is quite good. In fact she writes well enough to have a book published. She HAD done all of this anonymously for many of the same reasons I just mentioned. Now maybe she was naive to believe that she could remain anonymous after her book came out, but appears to have been her plans. Anyway a tabloid type paper “outed” her with surprise photos and a typical tabloid article. The upshot is her friends and family, as well as co-workers and former lovers know have access to her diary.

I know this is the chance you take by placing your blog online, but did the world really need a newspaper to do this? At a time when there is REAL news such as escalating price of fuel, corruption in government and at least 5 major armed conflicts (Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, the Sudan and new violence in Somalia ‒ there maybe more).

I do not have the answer, just my personal thoughts.

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