To Damn Hot  

cigarlawyer 46M
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8/9/2006 4:29 pm
To Damn Hot

It is too damn hot. The past few weeks here have been unbearable- high heat and high humidity. For those that might not understand the effects of that combination I will try to explain. Most states with high heat, such as Nevada, have what seems like “oven” heat, you can feel the heat directly on your skin, feel your skin cooking, but it is not oppressive (in my opinion), on the other hand, the Southeast tends to have sweltering heat. It feels like you can touch the heat - it is as if you can swim in the oppressive heat. I liken it to being boiled, you feel hot, but not real feeling that like you are getting cooked. I imagine it is what a lobster feels as if is cooked.

Anyway the heat has been so bad that I have actually turned down sex due to it being too hot. That is how hot it has been. I do not think my indoor temperature has been below 80 this week and my AC has not stopped running.

(Written 8-6-06)

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