Have the terrorists won?  

cigarlawyer 46M
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8/17/2006 8:36 am
Have the terrorists won?

I am not completely sure about how the new anti-terrorism ideas about no liquids on planes will actually play out in the long run or even how safe we are going to be because of it, but the mere fact we are doing it shows that the terrorists have won. We are changing our society, giving up our ideals and freedoms because we are scared. I am not just talking about a bottle of water on the plane, but much, much more.

The point of terrorism is to make the average person fear the world around them and to change how they live. In the 70’s and early 80’s, communist backed terrorism was designed to show that a capitalist government could not protect you, that only a communist society could. This mainly effected Europe and eventually communism failed, so that treat was gone.

Islamic terrorism seems to have no specific purpose or goal that I can see except to strike fear in the hearts of people. There is no way to win this. We can continue to restrict things we do, to allow our government to ease drop on calls, hold people with arresting them, torture people and the like ‒ and maybe you feel safer. I do not. I am scared of my government. I want to feel safe like the rest of you, but what I see is a democratic government on a steady spiral into a fascist one. Fascism is not Nazi Germany, so do not think that is what I am saying. Fascism is a political belief that the people are there for the government, not the government for the people. Any criticism of the government is treason.

It is now un-American to criticize the President or the GOP ‒ what happened to “I don’t agree with what you are saying, but I will fight to protect your right to say it”? Anyone who questions what we are doing in Iraq or how the government does it job is now vilified. You cannot protest anywhere near the President ‒ supposedly for security reasons, but his supporters can stand right there and cheer? I guess a terrorist would NEVER EVER fake support to get close to his target. We have government talking heads telling us that we must do what they say unquestioningly - to do otherwise is giving aid to the enemy. We are giving our government ever increasing rights and powers, giving up our cherished civil rights without even so mush as a whimper. If this continues, we will one day wake up and find that we are no longer free.

Freedom has a price and unfortunately young men and women are paying that price as are the innocent victims of terrorism. By allowing our government to strip us of our rights and to accept things we never would have dreamed of in the past we are not honoring those who have died so that we may be free ‒ we are selling them out a little at a time.

They have already won.

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