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7/17/2006 8:57 pm

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This past weekend has been a little wild. Went out Friday to my normal hangout only to watch a bartender/friend of mine get ticked off and pick a fight with his on again off again girl friend. The both got canned after he threw a glass at her. What a dumb ass.

Later another friend invited some of his female buddies to come up and join us, which was ok by me. During the evening one of them was getting real friendly and had he hand on my knee so I am thinking it is looking good. As the night went on her hand moved up until she was squeezing and rubbing my crotch - which was ok by me, but then she started talking about how much she loved her husband. HUH!? WHAT THE FUCK?! You love your husband but you are out on Friday night giving a stranger a rub? Makes no sense to me. No matter how drunk I was and how good it felt to have my cock rubbed that way I could not go through with it. I guess I still have a conscience after all. DAMN.

Could have used a good rub and tug. Maybe next time.

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