Court Rant  

cigarlawyer 46M
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8/2/2006 8:18 am
Court Rant

Ok, today is not off to a good start. It is 940 am and I already have a headache. Today was the third day in a row I have been in Court and have another hearing this afternoon.

Monday I had to go to Court in a county about 40 miles from my office because two different attorneys can’t read the fucking rules of court. It is not that damn hard people, you went to college and then three years of law school. Read the book. So I wasted 3 hours driving to court, argued with these geniuses over temporary hearing and child support, had the trial Judge agree with me ‒ duh. All of this cost money to my clients.

Tuesday, Immigration court. Should have been simple. About 2 years ago I tried a case before this Judge (who I have/had a lot of respect for) only to have him order my client removed (deported). We disagreed and appealed. Well the appeals court decide I was right and the Judge was wrong. It sent the case back to the Judge with the directions to complete the criminal background check and grant asylum. That was what was supposed to happen yesterday. What happened was the Judge, with a hurt ego, decided that in January there will be a new trail to determine if my client is a terrorist based on his membership in a political party ‒ the very same membership that qualified him for asylum. HUH, WHAT THE FUCK. I almost actually said it.

This morning, same Judge decides to grill my client about being here illegally AFTER the prosecutor and I had reached an agreement that allowed my client to leave without being removed. Totally uncalled for. This afternoon I get to go and ask this same Judge to let another client out of jail on bond while his case is pending. Anyone want to give me odds on my success? Yeah me neither.

Tomorrow - Same immigration judge or a trip to Aberdeen for bankrucpty court - 4 hour drive round trip in 100 degree temps. I think I will let an associate go to immigration court.

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