First steps on a new journey  

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12/28/2005 2:27 pm

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First steps on a new journey

It's been a long time since my last post.

Christmas - traditionally the most depressing part of my year - has come and gone and I find myself looking back at the events of the last year and of the last two weeks and I'm having some trouble seperating one from the other.

The year has had its ups and downs, emotionally, physically and financially. I've now gone a whole year without losing a job, something of a record for me. I've found my feet in my new job and look forward to staying in it for some years. I've owned five cars, another record. I've lost one friend - without him knowing how much he meant to me - but gained many more.

I had an absolutely disastrous love affair which knocked my confidence, made me shut myself away in my cocoon and took away my happiness. Behaviour is both learned and habitual; I became unhappy by habit, not because there was anything wrong... well, I was hurting but I had lost the ability to get over it on my own.

Which is why I'm here. My ex's advice was to do some shagging and I know you can find anything on the internet these days so here I am.

I found it. And more. Fourteen days ago I met someone through this site; someone with bigger problems than me, someone beautiful, someone sad, someone generous and giving. We met for sex but we had more than that. She opened my eyes and reminded me of the strength within myself; the strength to be who I am and be happy about it. She shared my troubles and halved them. In turn I have helped her with her own set of troubles... but that is not my story to tell. Suffice to say that I am happy to have given another person in need a helping hand.

We were perfect for each other in this moment. The gods put us together. At the very least I have a new best friend... I don't even want to hope for what may happen at most.

I may not be sticking around here much longer. If I do it will just be for the blogs, which are an education in themselves. I have found what I came for and have no need to carry on here.

Oh... don't even think about asking for her identity. I'm saying nothing.

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