chuggaboom 52M
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5/19/2006 8:05 pm

The time at the ranch was way too short.And,before I knew it,It was time too roll again. After I put the horses to bed,I drove to Houston,San Antonio,Wacko..(oops..Waco)then to Mc Allen,Tx. to get rid of all the Keebler chocolate cookies. My God, the keebler distribution centers are sooo tiny that you would think that Elves worked there.I had a hell of a time backing up into their docks. If Elves did work there,they all were hiding from me. Good thing,too. It would have taken alot of Elvin magic too get my boot out of their asses for making me unload their stuff. Hmmm..I think that I feel a vacation coming soon.

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