a day at the museum...  

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7/21/2005 5:24 pm

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a day at the museum...

so yesterday william, joy, tim. marilyn and i tried to go to the walker art museum. but as awlays i screwed it up. we were walking to the actual placewe walked by the parking ramp. and they had the little arms thing to stop cars from leaving.or going in...and well i had to swing on one. and well lets just say it fell off and made a big noise and there lots of humans around. so we go in. go to the restroom. walk out walk towards the gallery or whatever. and a lady stops william and tim. i wasnt with them so i don't know what she said. but i heard they matched the decription. and mar and i walked quite quickly out of there. so we went outside since it was nice outside and we went to the sculpture garden and walked around. so that was fun.

and i guess joy was really pissed off at me(big suprise. someone pissed off at cameron)so we left and we were gunna go home but we were gunna bring marilyn home. so i went to her house. hung out there picked berrys. walked to rainbow to get stuff for ice cream. watched snatch while we waited for the ice cream.

then it was getting late so sam(marilyn's friend) mar and i went to this cool coffee place. stayed for about half an hour or so. and it was about 1. so i had to go home. got home at about 1:15. brushed my teeth and went to bed. talked to mar a bit before i was falling asleep on the phone.

and now it's tomorrow. and thats all i have to say.

peace out girl scouts.

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